Sunday, July 12, 2009

fourth of july.

The 100* weather was just too much for all of us, so we decided to postpone our annual 4th of July block party until the fall. So we finally got to spend all day at the other 4th of July party we're always invited to! (This one includes a pool!)

Dianna was very popular once she brought out the water balloons!

How much do you love Brookelyn's chubby cheeks?!

The kids and dads from our party had fun with their fireworks, then the neighbors pulled out all of theirs. Wow! Pretty sure our little cul-de-sac was right up there with the city display!

So much fun!

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Amanda said...

ahhh, no block party....I have been WAITING for a post from either you or Megan and was wondering why I hadn't seen anything yet.

Fall will be WONDERFUL!!!