Thursday, July 31, 2008


Mommy's trying to make supper, we've already watched too much "Max & Ruby," and someone is wanting attention... what to do??

Grab our colorful jar of popsicle sticks!

Such a big helper, sorting them all out for mommy. :)

And Sophie likes to make little pictures and patterns.

Plus, Mommy just thinks it's fun to look at.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

angel feet.

Sophie and I went to her ballet open house at Angel Feet Dance Studio on Saturday.
She has wanted to go to Angel Feet for two years now.
Miss Dunri goes to our church and has a Christian dance studio. With amazing dancers and performances.
She finally gets to go.
We ordered ballet shoes and a leotard, but we came home with this way too cute little black tutu.

And she couldn't wait to show Daddy.

And along with Grandma, Grandpa, Grandma Jones, Uncle Casey, Aunt Heather and Uncle Brian... she asked if Jessi and Aunt Aletha and Uncle Pete would come to her recital. (in May)


If I were The Pioneer Woman I would be commenting on these forearms.
I think he could give Marlboro Man a run for his money. Don't you agree?

Go little man, go!

So tired. And sweaty.

Love this little face.


No more crazy red walls in our bathroom.
Corey never liked the red.
And I wasn't really loving them anymore.

So now... blue.

Yes, that is a hot pad and toy dishes.
"Washing dishes" will entertain them for quite awhile.

Corey replaced all the old brass hardware, towel racks and faucet with brushed nickel.
His favorite features...

and this, because we haven't had one for 5 years. (the holder, not the toilet paper)

Corey likes to say it was because I wanted to put the toilet paper in a stupid flowerpot. I say I put it in a flowerpot because someone lost their temper while putting up the toilet paper holder, ripped it off the wall and made a big hole.

Either way, we now have a toilet paper holder.

my little princess.

Yep, that's red hair you see underneath that veil.

Love you, little man! :)

Sunday, July 27, 2008


Thursday evening we took the kids to our favorite little pizza place. (Yummy cinnamon rolls!)
Uncle Brian met us there and the kids were arguing over who got to sit next to him.

"Uncle Brian spoils us." (said by Sophie)

Then we stopped by their house to see Aunt Heather and Max and Ozzy.

It was a little less wild than the last time we visited them.

sprinkler park.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

things they say...

Sophie, while snuggling in bed with me this morning:

"Your neck looks like a peacock neck!"

Lawson, burying his little face into my neck and wiggling his nose all around:

"I'm snuffling you, Mommy!"

Thursday, July 24, 2008

new art.

As much as I love these flowers...

I love these even more.

school supplies.

My little girl will be starting kindergarten this year.
(Right down the hall from me!)
She had so much fun buying school supplies last night!

(new shoes weren't on the school list, but they were cute. And she loves them!)


This is rather gross, but I was proud of myself.
Do you have millions of those pesky little fruit flies like we do?
Yesterday I built a little trap.
Sat it on my counter for a few hours and...
look at all those drowned little flies.

And there are a few inside that cannot get out.
They will soon drown too.
Very few yucky fruit flies at our house now!
Yay for me! :)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008