Sunday, November 30, 2008

more lawson.

At supper tonight, Lawson was telling us all about what it means to be blind and how Jesus made a blind man see. (Good teaching, Meg!)

Jesus made him see, cuz Jesus can do anything.
Like if you got hurt, Jesus could make you all better.
And if you had a bruise on your leg, like this one (pulling up pant leg and showing off latest bruise), Jesus could make it better.
And if you got stuck on a spiderweb, Jesus could get you out.
And if you couldn't juggle, Jesus could show you how.
Or if you couldn't hang up the towel, Jesus could help you.

Jesus could do all that stuff, cuz Jesus can do anything!

Do you see why he makes me laugh more than anyone else?
Love, love, love this little man.


Marley had fun playing in the first snow, too.
She got all muddy and dirty.
See my kitchen floor?

It was bathtime for Miss Marley.
Always a fun time for everyone involved.
(we hate it.)

Doesn't she look sad all drippy and wet?

Can you see the where the doodle comes from in Goldendoodle?
Look at that curly hair!

Now we'll see how long she stays clean...

first snow.

Just ignore the blue tongue. :)

Saturday, November 29, 2008


So many things to be thankful for...

this little man, who makes me laugh more than anyone else, snuggles better than anyone else and gives the best hugs ever.

this sweet little girl that I get to see at school each day.

this great guy, for the way he loves me and the way he loves these little people of ours.

this gianormous dog,

because even though I liked her better when she was this size...

my kids weren't scared of little dogs. Now they're realizing big dogs aren't so scary either.

these little people, even though they make me crazy somedays.

this new pretty blue vacuum.

wonderful grandparents who live close enough to come visit often.

wonderful neighbors.

wonderful friends (these are only just a few)

the wonderful forgiveness that I am given each day, even though I am so undeserving.

This list doesn't even come close to naming all the things I am thankful for.
Praying that I will always remember how very blessed I am.
And how thankful I should be, each and every day.

preschool program.

Lawson's pre-school alternates each year between a Thanksgiving and Christmas program. They used this little sampler program to show us lots of the songs they've done during circle time.

Dancing to "Brainsmart Time!" (Corey was impressed that I do this same song and dance with my 1st graders several times a week.)

Lawson would glance over at us and give us ornery little smiles.

He's very good at the jumping parts. :)

As they filed past us on their way out, Lawson shot us another ornery little grin and then poked me as he walked by.

Lawson is thankful for...

* My dog, Marley
* My cats, Chloe and Zoe
* Eating cereal at home
* Fried chicken

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I had a great little helper unloading the dishwasher today...

He did these all so carefully, one at a time... "Here's a fork... here's a knife... here's anudder knife."

The silverware was probably a little safer...


My kids love to go to the dentist.
They argue about who gets to go first.
Lawson won this time.

I think they love Anna more than anything.
She gives them sunglasses to wear when she turns on the "bright sunshine" and she lets them play with Mr. Squirtbug and Mr. Thirsty. (aka: the thing that squirts water and the suction thing... they have actual dental equipment names, I suppose)

They don't even mind when she "tickles their gums" with her "gum tickler." (aka: the spinny polishing thing that Mommy can't stand! It gives me the shivers and makes my skin crawl just thinking about it. I am all about that salt water blast stuff now, Anna!)

Anna put this heavy blanket on Lawson so he wouldn't float away while she took pictures of his teeth. (Can you tell they are exceptionally good with kids here?!)

They love choosing different flavors, too. I think they both got bubblegum polishing stuff and cotton candy flouride!

Sophie's turn...

Look what happened when Anna tried to polish Sophie's very loose tooth...

Checking out her new smile!

Thanks Anna, for making our trips to the dentist so fun!
Our kids adore you!

(But we haven't told Sophie about the cavity yet!)

Sunday, November 23, 2008

lawson also says...

"Hey Daddy...

I don't know if you know this,
but I'm kind of a big deal.
People know me."

Have you seen "Anchorman?"
Lawson hasn't, but Corey taught him one of his favorite quotes from the movie.

And to hear him say this, in his little 3 year old voice...
is really funny.

Saturday, November 22, 2008


I am wanting to get the kids a DVD for Christmas.
One that they could share and we could all watch together on movie night.
We got "Annie" for Sophie's birthday and they love it!
I'm trying to think of another "classic" family movie that we could get.

Any suggestions?


It was their idea.

At least Marley wasn't in there with them this time.

lawson says...

Because he makes me laugh every day,
and because I don't want to forget...

gorillas = bu-gillas
bologna = bu-boney
vinegar = big-e-ner
Miss Witsy = Miss Sitsy (Sophie's blanket)
turkey = tor-key
pretend = free-tend (I'm just freetending!)
vacuum = bacuum
stuff or things = junk (I can't even carry all this junk. I need to use all this junk. Look at all that junk.)


L: Mommy, you're my best friend!
M: And you're my favorite little man!
L: No, I'm your favorite big man!
M: Then what's Daddy?
L: He's a dog.

(two minutes later)
L: Mommy, will you help me wash my hands?
M: I thought you were a big man. Big men don't need help washing their hands.
L: I'm not a big man. I'm your tiny little baby Wawson.


Only Miss Hannigan can say bad words, right Mommy?
Because she's a mean lady.
And pirates.
(fyi: the bad words he's talking about are "Shut up")

Okey-doke, artichoke.

I think bu-gillas is my favorite.
Corey thinks I should correct him and teach him to say it the right way.
But that's not cute.
And really... it's not like he'll be in 1st grade still calling them bu-gillas.
I'm enjoying it while I still can.


We had three kids playing in the leaves this year...

Marley didn't seem to mind being buried in the leaves.

There's a dog in here somewhere...

Lawson found her.

Sophie doesn't mind being buried, either.

Love this time of year!
(These pictures are from two weekends ago... today it is freezing outside!)