Friday, April 24, 2015

spring break.

Yes... spring break was a month ago. But my life seems to be running about a month behind right now, so... (most of this is from Instagram. My camera has been pretty non-existent lately...) 

Why yes... Cleaning and organizing the craft room IS on my Spring Break To-Do-List! 
#youknowihavealist #myhousethrewuponitself

The dining room was on the list, too. Gretchen's been very crafty lately... 

Spring Break To-Do-List (currently 2 pages)... my frazzled brain already feels calmer. 
#youknowihavealist  #cleanandorganizearethegoals

Best sleeping spot in the house.  #somuchsunshine

Seriously. Find something to clean or get where I can't see you. 
#happyspringbreak  #funpolice

I'm pretty sure normal people don't put things like "organize cat food" on their to-do lists. But isn't this green basket happy?! No before picture, but trust me... it wasn't happy. 
#ihaveissues  #happyorganization  #eventhecatslikeit

Look! Our kitchen table does have a top! 

Goal: To be a fun mom today. Lunch out, 3 hours of shopping, $10 to spend on whatever at Target. (I only texted "Kill me now" to my friend once.) Ended with all 5 of us at "Cinderella." (Leather reclining seats!) 
#happyspringbreak  #funpolice  #nowbacktothelist

Started at 10:30 pm... Finished at 12:30 am. Read book... check.

The girls are playing dress up. Gretchen's eyelashes... with mascara... Oh. My. Word.  

Already looking forward to my morning coffee. Polka dots make everything happier. Especially mugs you painted yourself. #ilovecolor  #andpolkadots

Weird kids. 

 Lawson got to have Ezra spend the night for his birthday. They spent the day with Grandpa, doing all kinds of fun things. 

Lunch picnic at the park with Daddy. (and playing on the tanks afterwards.)

I forgot that I had Thin Mints hidden in the freezer. What a fabulous surprise! 

More happiness... hidden in the fridge. How do I keep forgetting these things?! 

The Thin Mints and Reese's Eggs were needed. The week wasn't all sunshine and smiles. 

Barbies clothes are made out of Play-Do. Goodness, this girl makes me smile. =) 

Sometimes you find happy things when you're decrapifying. =) (This is one of my FAVORITE pictures!) 

Look how clean and organized this big closet is! 

Of course, that meant I had to find a spot for all the stuff I took OUT of the closet! 

Simone was super helpful. =) 

Clean and organized! So much happier! =)

I'm pretty sure daffodils are the second friendliest flower. =) 

Such a lovely combination of productive and lazy.
That's what Spring Break is all about.

Friday, April 17, 2015


Remember this little guy

Abelet wasn't quite so little anymore... 

He left our farm and went to the sale barn a few weeks ago. We all knew that was the plan all along and everyone handled it pretty well. We went out the night before to say goodbye and take some pictures.

I hadn't realized that he would still come running to the fence when Corey or Lawson went out there.
That pulled at my heart just a bit...

Baby Abe... (He was only a couple days old when we got him...)

When we first got Abe, he and Marley were pretty much the same size. Marley may have been a bit bigger... 

Abe was about 850 pounds now. He's grown just a bit! 

Lawson got out of school for an afternoon to go to the sale barn with Corey. I sent him with a notebook and made him keep track of how much the cows all weighed, how much they sold for, etc. Lawson did really well! I think some of our adult friends had more trouble with the thought of selling Abe then Lawson did! =)

Sweet, sweet memories, that's for sure...
I'm always going to love this picture. 

Friday, April 10, 2015


Some things are just good for my soul.
Being crafty and creating is one of them. 
One that I don't do nearly often enough. 
But it always makes me happy when I do. =) 

Corey found this little treasure out in the old barn awhile back. 
He was sweet enough to think of me and see if I wanted it. 

A little spray paint...

And my overwhelming number of bracelets...

Are now a little more organized... and a whole lot more happy. =)

Sometimes it's just little things that make my heart happy. =)

Wednesday, April 8, 2015