Saturday, October 27, 2012

family party.

We had a little family party to celebrate our girls last weekend. Just Grandma and Grandpa, Grandma Jones and Uncle Casey. (We missed you, Heather, Brian and Madison!) No grandparents had far to drive this year, though! 

This little miss LOVES to be outside. We really miss our big backyard and long driveway...

Gretchie was pretty into opening her gifts this year...

Sophie had opened most of her gifts on her actual birthday, but she had some fun things from Grandma Jones, Uncle Casey and Lawson.

For her "Paris Fund..."  =)

One of these girls doesn't love people singing to her/looking at her...

Happy, happy birthday to my two favorite girls...

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

family pictures.

We spent a fun hour with our favorite family photographer last week. 
He took 1200 pictures. Seriously. 
And then met with me the following evening to show me over 100 edited photos. 
He's that good. 

Love. So much.

Love, love, love some of the pictures of this little miss. So glad she showed some of her personality at pictures this time. Family photos are so much easier when your kiddo will actually look at the photographer. =)

I might have emailed Cory earlier in the day and told him that Gretchen would warm up to him faster if he just ignored her. The harder people try to make up to her, the more she ignores them. He did good.

It was surprisingly hard to get a picture with all three of them looking at the camera. Seriously kids. It's not that hard.

My favorite people...

Seriously cannot say enough good things about this guy. 
Love his pictures. Love working with him.
Love the memories that he has captured for our family.
Thanks, Cory. You're the best!

Saturday, October 20, 2012


You seem so much older all of a sudden. 
The things you say, the things you do, the way you talk.
So many questions. 
And so many of them end in "or sumteen?" 

You've started using those long eyelashes and big blue eyes to your advantage lately.
You're getting pretty good at the sad little puppy dog look.
Especially when your brother and sister won't let you do something.

You have the orneriest, yet sweetest little smile. You're definitely hard to say no to sometimes.
And your wink is still one of my favorite things ever.

You are definitely the sweetest surprise that ever happened to our family. We cannot imagine life without you.
You are my calm during the times when your brother and sister make me feel crazy. (Which is pretty often.)
Happy Birthday, Gretchen Jane! 
We simply adore you. 

(All photos by Cory Keller

tea party.

Look closely... each stuffed animal is wearing at least two pieces of my jewelry.
My favorites are the earrings shoved through their fuzzy little ears.  =)