Tuesday, October 9, 2012

happy mail.

Some people don't understand blogging. 
They don't understand why I share so much about our family... on the internet... for anyone to read. 
Honestly, when I started this blog (back in 2007) I didn't really think anyone that I didn't know would be reading it. 
I started this blog as a way to record our family memories... and like my header says... to help me remember all the little things that make me smile. 

It has turned into so much more. 
It's still mainly just a way for me to record our family memories. You know about my blog books and how much we all love them. That will always be my biggest reason for blogging. 
But it's also a great way to keep in touch with friends and family... to share with them what is going on in our lives here.

But blogging has also given me some amazing friends. Friends that I never would have met otherwise. 
I have at least 3 friends now (who I really consider real friends!) that we exchange Christmas cards with. I may have never met any of these people in real life, but I have faith that we will meet someday! And oh, how much fun we will have then! I have gotten some of the sweetest and most encouraging emails and comments from blog readers. This move has been tough on me. YOU have all helped to make it a little bit easier. You'll never know how much your sweet comments and emails mean to me. 

One of those sweet bloggy friends sent me this the other day...

Just a super sweet little card full of kind and encouraging words... a perfect little polka dot mug (coffee tastes even better when it's in a sweet polka dot mug. True story.)... and a happy little wish for sunshine and a happy heart.

Totally made my day and made my heart happy.
I loved it. So much.
And it made me want to do sweet, unexpected things like this for other people.
Everyone loves a fun surprise.
Thank you so much, Jenn. You are truly the sweetest.


Toni :O) said...

Okay, that is super cool and I LOVE that mug!!! Woot Woot for happy mail! Someone recently paid for most of our meal at Tim Horton's for my daughter and me. He left before I could thank him but it made us smile. So in return, we saw a firefighter come in for dinner one night at our local favorite restaurant, Qdoba. My daughter (she's 9) and I looked at each other and said "Let's buy his dinner!" It was the coolest feeling in the world and he was so appreciative (he was standing right there when I paid so I couldn't do it secretly darn it!) but the look of surprise on his face was awesome. Before he left, he came and shook our hands and said thank you. I told him he has a hard job and for that, we thank him for his service. Definitely a day we'll all remember for a long time. That feeling of making someone's day is priceless and even just passing out coupons at Bath & Body Works that I won't be using but are expiring that weekend made people so happy and my daughter was giddy about how easy it was to make other's smile...fun times I tell you, fun times. Have a blessed day and thanks for making ME smile with your happy blog! :O)))))

Amy said...

I LOVE that, Toni! What a fun idea! Definitely something your daughter will remember!