Sunday, October 14, 2012


Ten years ago today... I became a momma. 

We might have hairbrush drama at our house most days. Just maybe. One of my most frequently used lines right now is "Are you being dramatic?" (and she usually says yes.)

If it is pink, or sparkly, or glittery, or fancy... it is "her." Some of the teachers at school have started calling her a "little fashionista." (Which she loves.)

She is sweet and sassy... creative and artistic... dramatic and over-dramatic... smart and opinionated.

I have watched her grow up so much this past year. She has done things this year that I never thought she would do. It's been fun to watch.

We only do "friend parties" every other year with both of the big kids. (We didn't start doing friend parties until they turned 5.) Her Art Party last year was lots of fun and she is already talking about ideas for next year. Honestly, I was so relieved this wasn't a friend party year. I'm not sure I could have managed it. (Although I did manage to throw her a Fancy Nancy Party just 10 days before Gretchen was born. Amazing what you can do when you have to.) 

So it wasn't really a party, but we celebrated with some special people last night in a nearby town. All her best friends from our old town drove to meet us here (with their mommas... who I happen to love hanging out with!) 

They were so excited to all be together again.

We asked for two separate tables at Pizza Hut (because our first choice, the place we were supposed to meet at, is apparently closed now. Bummer.) Separate tables was one of the smartest decisions of the whole evening. =)

Pizza Hut... Target (which included a lot of time in the shoe aisle, trying on high heels) and Bogey's (home of 101 different shake flavors!)

These girls are all so sweet. (So are their mommas... it's easy to see where they get their sweetness from.) And they all have so much fun together.

Sophie was blessed with some very special friends these past few years. It makes me happy that they have been able to stay friends, despite our move.

It was a fun evening... for the girls and the moms.

It was a loud evening at times... but lots of fun. =)

Happy Birthday, Sophie Nicole! 
We love you to pieces! 


Toni :O) said...

Happy Birthday to your precious girl! Our girls are very similar, so funny! Looks like you had a fun time.

Danielle said...

It was the perfect evening, despite plan B and some rain. So glad we could all get together.

Happy birthday, sweet Soph!!

Jenny said...

It looks like she had SO much fun!! You are such a good Momma!

Kurt Penberg said...

Its really look funny one.