Monday, January 30, 2012


We've been spending our Saturdays here lately... 

Look at that amazing form... =)

They don't officially keep score, but we pretty much got creamed at every single game. Bummer.
He still had fun, though.
And is already looking forward to indoor soccer!

Friday, January 27, 2012


The kids wrote Christmas thank you notes the week after Christmas. I'm big into thank you notes. Now they are, too. I love that. 

Spoiled much?? Corey came downstairs early one morning this week and found Marley sound asleep... stretched out on the couch. She used to always sleep upstairs, but she hasn't been for a couple weeks. Now we know why.

Someone was playing in Mommy's jewelry the other day. She came downstairs wearing my two favorite necklaces. She already has good taste.

Mommy was desperate for a little peace and quiet a couple weekends ago. It was cold, cold, cold outside.

Oreo pops! Thank you, Pinterest!

These cute little organizer bins are at Wal-Mart for $2! And I only bought one. Corey should be proud of me.

Corey started this project one Saturday. Pulled out all the Tupperware... started trying to match up lids... then left it for me to finish. We now have organized Tupperware. (actually cheap Gladware/Ziploc)

You might have too many Pop Tarts if you feel the need to organize them. Or maybe it's just more fun to pull them out of a cute basket.

Someone finally decided to try ice cream! And she likes it! Crazy baby. We've been trying to get her to eat it for over a year. Sherbet is her favorite... she's her momma's girl.

Miss Carrie gave me this cute red tray and button magnets for Christmas. I LOVE it! It's hanging on the side of one of our kitchen cabinets, being used right now for our meal list. Two of these are Pinterest meals... and they may have been pinned by my husband. (He's discovered the awesomeness of Pinterest and may have been ridiculed by several of his friends on Facebook because of it.)  =)
The kids both told me... at different times... that what I should do is write the meal we are having on the day that we are having it! Isn't that a great idea?! =) Unfortunately, this momma isn't organized enough for that. This is how I meal plan... just a list of 7-10 meals that will last us close to 2 weeks. Every Friday is pizza/movie night.

Miss Carrie is leaving me. I'm so very sad. Not just me... but all her families she cleans for. I love coming home to a clean house every other week. Tuesday's just won't be as happy anymore.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

home movies.

For New Year's Eve this year, we pulled out some of our old videos. Sophie and Lawson loved them! 
We were all a little amazed by how much toddler Gretchen looks *exactly* like toddler Sophie. 
I might have to dig out some old pictures to scan. Maybe a good Spring Break project. =) 

Saturday, January 21, 2012

baby shower.

We are so excited to welcome a new little miss into our family! Less than two weeks now!!

I got to help host a baby shower for my sweet sister-in-law, Heather. (And why was I stupid enough to take pictures in front of a sliding glass door with sun shining through?!)

The M&M's and pink Whoppers were a last minute impulse buy. And they may or may not have just been an excuse to use my cute mini colanders. =)

Heather is a great aunt, so we know she is going to be an amazing mommy!

All the Jones girls...

Corey and Lawson were back at the farm this weekend, so I got to just enjoy this time with my girls. So fun.

The two grandmas...

Someone small kept sneaking to the kitchen and reaching her little hands into those cute little colanders...

We can't wait to meet you Miss Madison! 
You are going to be so loved by your cousins! (and your aunt and uncle)