Saturday, October 31, 2015


Every year I can't remember if we still have these little carving tools. So I buy more. Pretty sure we have enough now. 

Powercat pumpkin! 

Sophie ended up trick-or-treating with a friend this year. Apparently we're not cool anymore. =)

These two happily visited a few houses with us...

Jealous of these neighbors! It was even a New York game! =)

Thursday, October 29, 2015

halloween parade.

On the bus to the nursing home...

Sweet co-workers...

A special photo for my "BatDad" loving friend... =)

Monday, October 26, 2015

september/october random.

{I don't usually get freaked out by storms, but tonight is a little eerie. The steady rumble of thunder is a bit creepy. Skies are completely black now, except for the constant flashes of lightning.

{My mowing days may be over... #farmlife #hisfavoritething}

{Sunday night fun. I try so hard at this organization thing. And hate when I feel like I'm failing at it. #momlife}

{Just driving down the road with a  7 foot Superman. Nothing to see here... #SuperReaders}

{Wednesday nights.}

My new favorite way to shop for swimsuits. Online. Thank you Target free shipping and easy returns!

{Not so helpful.}

 {Happy arm candy today. Green, polka dots and amazing grace.}

{Good thing I can read phonetic spelling. Otherwise I might have been offended. #firstgrade}

{Almost screwed up the kindergarten homework tonight. Only took Gretchen and I a little bit to figure out that last picture wasn't a spider.}

{May the force be with you. #shemakesmesmile}

{I suppose there's really no sense in putting it away at this point...}

{He was just a bit overdue for a haircut...}

{After. The black eye adds from recess adds to the toughness, don't you think?}

{Cooking advice from a meal planning pro... When you're planning a pasta dish for supper, PASTA is a key ingredient. Neither of these are the correct kind. #italltastesthesameright?}

{This hasn't happened in way too long. Football is over. It's a relaxing Saturday morning. Finally.}

{Saturday morning snuggles.}

{It was a SUPER day today! #SuperReaders}

{It's a floor tea party. #shemakesmesmile}