Thursday, October 1, 2015

class reunion. {20 years}

It doesn't seem possible that I've been out of high school for 20 years. I can't be that old! 
I know some people had very different experiences, but I have so many happy memories from high school. And I was really looking forward to our reunion... right up until that night. It was rainy and and I was tired and just wasn't excited about tailgating and a football game. But I went. With no plans to stay out late. (Pretty sure it was midnight when I got home.) =) 

{Trading in my Irish green for Orange & Brown tonight! #classreunion #rivals}

{Twenty years later...}

We couldn't make it to the school tours and family time at the park on Saturday because of Lawson's football, but had so much fun at the dinner Saturday night. I was even a super sweet wife and let Corey skip the whole thing. =)

{So many happy memories with these girls!} 

{Over 33 years of friendship in this picture right here. So blessed. Love you girls!}

{Karaoke-ing and line dancing like it's 1995!}

My fellow Irish girl. Teaching her about the wonderful world called Instagram filters. =)

Possibly some of my favorite pictures from the whole night. Laughing til you cry is the best. =)

Ended up getting home around 1:00 this night. So much fun with so many friends I hadn't seen in forever. Thankful for their friendships then and even more grateful for their friendships now. Already looking forward to year 25!

** Postdating these pictures since I'm so behind on blogging... but this post is bittersweet today. One of my classmates in some of these pictures was killed yesterday (11/10) She left behind a loving husband and 4 sweet little ones. So tragic. Praying for her entire family.

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Toni :O) said...

Great photos, reunions can be fun! So very sorry for the loss of your classmate. That is heartbreaking. :0(