Wednesday, October 14, 2015


A teenager? That just doesn't seem possible. 

Birthday surprise. But not a Smartphone. Because we're still mean parents. =) 

{Thirteen yesterday. We spent the afternoon/evening running from one place to the next and didn't think about a picture until she was in pajamas. Couldn't do that because... 13. So, a picture this morning. I am in my pajamas, because... not 13. #happybdaysophie}

This was her year for a friend party. Three friends from school and Abi. Always Abi. =) (Which makes me super happy.)

{We're 2 days into this teenager thing. So far, so good. #happybdaysophie}

{I can handle teenage girls if they're all like this group. So thankful for sweet friends. #happybday sophie #evenincludinglittlesis}

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