Saturday, November 28, 2015

icy day.

Disclaimer: I'm attempting to get caught up on a couple months of blogging today! This was an ice day in November. Today is a SNOW day! 

This seemed a tad unsafe to me... 

Friday, November 27, 2015


I love that our two families can celebrate holidays together. Without any stress or drama.
(Except for the drama that my 3 kids seem to bring to any occasion. Seriously. Can't they all just get along?!)

Lawson made name cards for everyone with their name and a nickname. This one was my favorite...

I have never heard anyone call him this. Ever. Weirdo.

{Thankful for these turkeys.}

Thursday, November 19, 2015

november random.

Corey and I were laying in bed one Saturday morning and could hear a cow outside, just making an awful racket. We had no idea what she was so upset about. Corey went out and found her calf... on the other side of the fence, right by our driveway. No idea how he got out there, but the momma cow was pretty happy when Corey carried him back inside!

{Bottom braces added! An even more beautiful smile... coming soon!}

{Kids get creative when they're grounded from technology.}

School Fun Night! =)

Thanksgiving Feast with these turkeys...

We were pretty sure sucking our cheeks in would make us look skinnier. =)

{Do you know the "red flower with a green stem" story? No one ever accused me of having that problem. #alldifferent #thefeetaremyfavorite}

{A definite advantage to teaching 1st grade. They don't know (now) that many teachers.}

{Occasionally moments like this happen. And they make me smile. (Hoping they remember this instead of the yelling I did earlier today...)}

{How I've spent my day off so far. #myhousethrewuponitself}

{Two bathtubs filled... if we do lose power we'll still be able to do handy things like flush the toilet. #farmlife}


{It's a party at the nativity!} 

{Muffins for this freezing/frozen morning.}

{cousin love.}

{Monopoly. Sophie is hoarding land and money. Lawson has $354. #notsurprised}