Friday, November 13, 2015

hawaii {day 5}.

Corey had the balcony door open and this little pigeon tried to stroll in! =) 

Friday... We had to check out of the hotel room at noon, but our flight wasn't until 11:15 pm! (Luckily, Norwex made arrangements for our luggage!)

We spent all day Friday hanging out with our new friends, Tina and Dwayne!

They were just starting a new sand sculpture in the hotel lobby -- Santa and Mrs. Claus!

We spent some time visiting with the salespeople in a local jewelry shop. This watch was $147,000! Crazy!

Fun lunch at "Cheesecake Factory..."

My Macaroni and Cheese Burger! Yum! =)

We found it funny that the police station was closed. "Pardon the inconvenience." =)

We were too stuffed at lunch, but went back to "Cheesecake Factory" for dessert that afternoon.

The view from the 37th floor of our hotel...

Saying goodbye on the beach! (Until our flight from Phoenix to KC.)

{memories made}

Saturday late afternoon...
There's no place like home. =)

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