Tuesday, December 30, 2008

girl's getaway.

In two days, I am headed here...

to stay in this cottage...

with my favorite group of friends (minus one, plus two more!)

4 days.
Just the girls.
Movies, scrapbooking, sewing, reading, eating, talking, laughing, crying (the happy kind), quilting, napping, praying, singing, dancing (which will probably lead to more laughing/crying), relaxing and just enjoying being together!

It was a surprise 40th birthday present from one sweet husband. He decided to tell her about it on Christmas, though, so now it's safe to blog about!

So, so excited!
I made trips to my two favorite scrapbook stores today. I have three projects in mind to work on.

Feeling a little guilty about leaving my kiddos for 4 days, but Di will only turn 40 once, right?
My mom asked to keep Sophie for part of the time and Corey happily agreed. :) He and Lawson are going to do "guy stuff" together. (I know sheetrock is involved one day.)

So a little guilty.
But really excited.

Monday, December 29, 2008

law christmas.

No pictures from Saturday night with Grandma and Grandpa Law.
Too many meltdowns.
The kids were both bathed, in pajamas and ready for bed by 7:15.
Crabby, crabby.

Everyone was happier on Sunday!

Lawson was jogging in circles around the house yelling, "Ho! Ho! Ho! Here's your presents!"

Sophie pulled out her third loose tooth!

We played lots of games of "Zingo!"
We love it! If you have kids this age, you have to look for it! Fun, easy and great at teaching them to be good sports. (Sometimes two people need the same picture. Whoever hollers it out first is the one who gets it. Lots of practice saying, "Bummer. Maybe next time I'll get it.")

And lots of reading books with Grandpa.

At one point, my dad kept nodding off while he was reading to Lawson. Lawson would look at him and holler "Wake up!"

Wonderful time together with family.
So glad that we don't have to travel far to be together.
Wonderful Christmas memories.

jones christmas.

Friday evening, we drove up to Corey's mom's for the Jones Family Christmas!

"New Kids on the Block" Christmas cd! Heather said, "You knew I went to their concert, right?" I said, "Yes, in middle school." She said, "No. In November!"
Who knew they were still giving conerts?

McDonalds! Lawson got pretty good at saying, "Welcome to McDonalds, can I take your order?" It has a little headset and everything!

Sophie's favorite gift: her own "Hello Kitty" water cooler!

And her pretty pink laptop! (Which Lawson really likes, but has decided it is too hard for him.)

A couple years ago, the boys all got flying monkeys. This year it was this...

I think I see a monkey theme.

Max and Ozzy got lots more snuggle time. Lawson had specific instructions: "Don't touch his eyes! No stretching his face!"

Too much excitement for these little guys.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

christmas afternoon.

Grandma and Grandpa Law and Great-Grandma Hugg came down around lunch time to spend the day with us! Yes, the kids and I were still in our pajamas.

More presents!

We love the "Wedgits!" Thanks Aunt Kristin!

Lawson loves his crazy remote control rat!

He also loved Sophie's new tea set. :)

But she was having fun playing with his new computer.
Such good little sharers.

"A Very Marley Christmas!" (Who knew when we named our dog this summer that we would be able to find all kinds of stuff with her name on it?!)

Pure ornery.

Daddy is so much fun!

And mommy happily stayed in her pajamas... all day long.

christmas morning.

I love to see this face when they open their gifts...

Thanks for all the suggestions for a good family movie. I went with "Charlotte's Web," or as Lawson calls it, "the pig movie." They love it! We've already watched it twice.

(But Corey and I are wondering if we've been deprived somehow... neither of us has ever seen "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang." We have no idea what it is even about. But apparently several of you like it!)

Corey had fun playing with the Lincoln Logs. :)

Lawson was too busy playing with this...

Singing "Happy Birthday" to baby Jesus. He got cinnamon rolls this year.

A perfect morning.

Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

christmas eve.

Christmas Eve service... (note to self: next year... go to the 4 o'clock service!)

Daddy's famous pancakes with strawberries and whipped cream...

There really is a pancake under there.

Opening 1 gift...

Cutie new pajamas!

Kids to bed.
Finish watching "It's a Wonderful Life."
Presents under the tree.
(snowmen for Lawson, pink Christmas trees for Sophie)

and a couple presents for the two of them, together.

Stockings are stuffed.

Santa's gifts are out.

We're all set for these little people!