Monday, December 29, 2008

law christmas.

No pictures from Saturday night with Grandma and Grandpa Law.
Too many meltdowns.
The kids were both bathed, in pajamas and ready for bed by 7:15.
Crabby, crabby.

Everyone was happier on Sunday!

Lawson was jogging in circles around the house yelling, "Ho! Ho! Ho! Here's your presents!"

Sophie pulled out her third loose tooth!

We played lots of games of "Zingo!"
We love it! If you have kids this age, you have to look for it! Fun, easy and great at teaching them to be good sports. (Sometimes two people need the same picture. Whoever hollers it out first is the one who gets it. Lots of practice saying, "Bummer. Maybe next time I'll get it.")

And lots of reading books with Grandpa.

At one point, my dad kept nodding off while he was reading to Lawson. Lawson would look at him and holler "Wake up!"

Wonderful time together with family.
So glad that we don't have to travel far to be together.
Wonderful Christmas memories.

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