Thursday, March 31, 2011

they make me laugh.

Random things heard in 1st grade lately...

*  Animals who sleep during the day and are awake at night are eternal.

* Baby bears are called pugs and baby pigs are called snorks.

* "Did you know your eyes are connected to your brain?" (said as he is staring all creepily into my eyes.)

* My dad's girlfriend said if we touch her Funyuns, she's going to break our fingers.

* When I answered, "I'm not sure," to a question... "Well, come on. Aren't you supposed to be like the smartest one here?!"

* "I heard the VCU (team that beat KU) coach say that they only people he cares about is his team!" (said with a look of shock and disbelief... I guess our class rule "We Care About Each Other!" has made an impact on him.)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


We surprised the kids with a little swimming trip over spring break. We drove to the hotel a few miles away where we had Lawson's birthday party last year. They were just a tiny bit excited! 

 Gretchie wasn't too sure about things when they first got in...

The other two jumped right in and never stopped moving! 

This is how mommy feels a lot of the time... smothered.  :)

Sophie may have been wearing a gymnastics leotard because we might not have been able to find her swimsuit. Minor detail.

I don't think polka dots have ever looked cuter...

I predict we'll be having some fun times in our pool this summer!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Happy Birthday, Lawson! 

* You are funny. Really, really funny. I love to hear your teachers tell stories about the funny things you say.
* You love to sleep. You told your kindergarten teacher that you want to have a job someday where you can sleep.
* You love to be outside.
* You love to play games. Board games inside and any kind of ball game outside.
* You still have the greatest hair. And the sweetest smile. And the orneriest twinkle in your eye.

* Daddy and Grandpa are still two of your favorite people. 
* You want to be a vet like Grandpa when you grow up. 
* You recently decided to be a K-State fan again. (But you decided not to tell Ezra.) 
* You are the sweetest big brother to Gretchen. You give her hugs and kisses and call her honey. 
* You love to drink pop (Dr. Pepper or root beer) and you always want a sip of my coffee in the morning. 
* You are so snuggly and cuddly. You love to give me eskimo kisses and butterfly kisses. 

You are and always will be... my favorite little man. 

Sunday, March 27, 2011

more spring break.

My goal for Spring Break was to do lots of fun, special things with the kids... without spending a lot of money. I think we did pretty well. Lawson had asked me the weekend before Spring Break if we could do a project every day. Luckily I made a trip to Michael's with a friend on Monday! 

We drew pictures, colored, painted on coffee filters, made things out of clay, painted birdhouses, copied pictures on tracing paper, and painted on canvases. We went to the donut shop, daddy's work, the park, swimming, Orange Leaf, Burger King (boo for the play area being under repair) and to a movie with Daddy. 

It was a good, good week. (But I really need a few more days. I still have things I need to cross off my list!) 

Saturday, March 26, 2011

spring break.


Grandma is in Houston for two weeks, spending time snuggling with that new little nephew of mine...

Don't you just want to pick him up and snuggle him?? I wish I could. (sniff, sniff)

The kids are missing Grandma, but at least they were able to get in a Grandpa-fix this week!

Our librarian was telling me stories about Lawson the other day... how much he talks about Grandpa and his cows and all their adventures at Grandpa's clinic. (He promised me that the stories do connect to whatever it is they are talking/reading about. Somehow he finds a way to fit them in.)

This is what Grandpa brought to show Lawson this time... 
Mommy was a tiny bit creeped out by it, but Lawson thought it was awesome. He was full of questions about where the rest of the deer was, too. 

This little miss loves Grandpa from a distance... but, she is definitely a Grandma's girl. And someone is missing their Grandma. (My friend Jody came by last Saturday and Gretchen starts shrieking, running to the door when she heard the doorbell. I know she thought it was Grandma. So sweet.) So until she can see her Grandma again (on Tuesday), this little miss will just keep carrying a certain picture frame around with her...