Sunday, March 27, 2011

more spring break.

My goal for Spring Break was to do lots of fun, special things with the kids... without spending a lot of money. I think we did pretty well. Lawson had asked me the weekend before Spring Break if we could do a project every day. Luckily I made a trip to Michael's with a friend on Monday! 

We drew pictures, colored, painted on coffee filters, made things out of clay, painted birdhouses, copied pictures on tracing paper, and painted on canvases. We went to the donut shop, daddy's work, the park, swimming, Orange Leaf, Burger King (boo for the play area being under repair) and to a movie with Daddy. 

It was a good, good week. (But I really need a few more days. I still have things I need to cross off my list!) 


Amanda said...

is Lawson really wearing shorts with cowboy boots??

Danielle said...

I'm totally digging the boots with shorts! It just makes me smile when I see kids sporting that attire. Makes me wish my kids were still small enough to get by with that look.