Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy 2008!

Finally caught up with pictures from this past week... with an hour to spare.
Off to spend the last hour of 2007 with my handsome hubby.

I decided to start a fresh blog for 2008, so starting tomorrow, you can find us at:

Happy New Year!


Sophie and Sarah

Snow angels!

Helping Papa water his cows.

Law Family Christmas.

Maggie got lots of love (smothering) from Sophie and Lawson. She's gotten so big since we saw her this summer!

Maggie knows what to do for a camera...
say cheese!

Everyone loves Uncle Corey...

Miss Sarah loves her dress up clothes!

A new tool kit...

even wooden hammers hurt when you hit your thumb!

Kristin and John

Such a great time with so many fun memories!

Jones Family Christmas.

Daddy's cool new hat!

Dancing with Aunt Heather.

I don't think Corey's grandma reads my blog...

But just in case she does...

We might as well get all the boys in trouble...

Sophie thought they were drinking vinegar. That's what she gets in her mouth when she is being sassy... and she could not understand why they would choose to drink it!


Lawson was supposed to be taking a nap...

He sang for awhile.
Talked for awhile.
Sang a little more.

Then I hear, "Hey! Hey! Der's a hole in my jammies. Der's a hole in my pooty jammies."

Knowing that these were his brand new footy jammies that he just got last night, I was curious how they had a hole in them. I went in and found this...

Guess who had completely removed their "pooty jammies," then tried to put them back on... only to put a foot through the arm hole. And he knew that his foot shouldn't be sticking out like that.

Oh, Lawson...

Oh, how we love this little man.

christmas morning.

A Hello Kitty snow globe!
(Luckily it wasn't this snow globe that hit the floor a few hours later.)

There were some tears shed over the pink princess computer. Thankfully, big sister was willing to share. A little.

(Lawson is standing on top of a stereo speaker)

New Play-Do gadgets.

Singing "Happy Birthday" to Baby Jesus
Mommy forgot to get a cake mix... Baby Jesus got a birthday muffin this year.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

christmas eve traditions.

"It's a Wonderful Life"
Every year it makes me cry.

Peppermint milkshakes

Can you see the pretty mint green ice cream? With little red and green bits of peppermint... So yummy!

Opening 1 gift each... new pajamas!

A new Christmas book.

Matching pajamas! (We should be able to get away with this for another year or two.)

Daddy reading the Christmas story from the Bible.

Trying to get a cute picture in front of the tree.

Still trying...

I think this was a hug...

And then... the children were nestled all snug in their beds...

While mommy and daddy got this ready...