Thursday, December 6, 2007

things i have learned lately...

* I can function on only 5 hours of sleep.

* 1st graders are crazy in December (I already knew this, I just forget every year.)

* Laundry never ends.

* My neighbor is a cross-dresser. (Not all the time, just when it's for a good cause.)

* I require more than 5 hours of sleep.

* Dancing snowmen make 5 and 2 1/2 year olds crazy.

* Cancer doesn't discriminate, it doesn't do background checks and it takes no prisoners. (A 20 year old was wise enough to write this. Our music teacher's husband lost his fight with cancer yesterday. He was 49 and was diagnosed this summer.)

* 1st graders can be very sensitive little people. We told the kids yesterday about Mrs. Harder's husband. I had wet shoulders from 2 little girls.

* Crying is contagious... even when you're 6. An hour later, there were 8 kids in my class crying.

* I love my job, but I hate that it takes me 2 hours to tell someone else how to do it for me for a day.

* A day at home (when no one is sick) is just what I needed to get caught up on laundry and to finish decorating.

* I am really behind on blogging.

More blogging to come... lots of pictures... including the cross-dressing neighbor. Sorry Craig. Laundry is calling my name now. My to-do-list is still very long.

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Christine E. said...

Hmm. Amazing how we all are connected by degrees. So odd to read on a stranger's blog about occurences and people who are or have been a part of your own life. I enjoy visiting your blog. Those kids of yours look like ornery little angels.