Sunday, June 29, 2008

i cannot believe...

that I got 2 hours of college credit for this class: Photoshop Elements for Teachers (& Scrapbookers).

I called my friend Kristi (who is writing yucky papers for an ELL class this summer) halfway through and said, "I would have taken this class even without the credit. I am having so much fun!"

1 Saturday spent in a college computer lab.
5 assignments to turn in by July 19 (I've already finished 3 of them).
1 column moved over on the pay scale. (I'm now MA + 10)
1000's of ideas for things to do in PhotoShop!

These are a few of my assignments:

(made with Cookie Cutter feature)

I couldn't decide which I liked better: just Lawson in color, or just his overalls in color?

Miss Sophie... all about the pink.

(this is all his stuff in the background... Little People, books, Play-Do, markers, etc.)

Look how cute Jen is...

but look... now her hair isn't across her eye!

I still need to do my scrapbook page and my slideshow.

So much fun!

Thursday, June 26, 2008


How sweet is this little face?

How great is this laugh?

When was the last time I laughed this hard?

I wish I could say it was yesterday.
Or today.
I need to laugh more.

It must be time for a girl's night.
Who's with me, girls?

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Last week Corey and Sophie picked all the cherries off our little cherry tree.

Tonight he wanted to pit all the cherries and put them in the freezer.
I taught him how to remove the cherry pit with a big paperclip.

Just like we used to do with my Grandma Wells.

I remember standing on ladders and climbing on top of the shed, filling bucket after bucket with ripe, red cherries.

I don't remember sitting around pitting all the cherries, (it must have taken us forever) but I do remember the paperclip trick.

Corey's mom told him to put sugar with them before we froze them.

He asked if we used to do that. I couldn't remember.

Until we did this...

As soon as we poured the first scoop of sugar over them, I remembered...

frozen cherries... frozen sugar... eating them straight out of the bag... so yummy.

I don't remember what Mom did with the cherries.

I'm guessing pies.

I'm trying to talk Corey into not making pies... just letting us eat them right out of the freezer.

Sweet memories.

The cherries...

and Grandma.

She died when I was in 7th grade.

I wish she could have met these little people...

Sunday, June 22, 2008

pig trail.

We stopped here on the way home.
Corey has a collection of shirts.
No motorcyle, just shirts.

I felt just a tiny bit out of place in my little skirt and matching flip-flops.
Pretty sure I was the only woman in here who wasn't wearing some combination of leather, a tank top or a Harley shirt, jeans, black boots, a bandana, or a black studded belt.
Or all of the above.
Can you hear the song?
"One of these things is not like the others.
One of these things just doesn't belong..."

Corey would have liked to have come home with this...

And I have to give the Harley store props...
this was the cleanest, nicest bathroom I have seen in a public place in a long time.
I did not expect to see a basket like this sitting in the women's restroom at Pig Trail Harley Davidson.
I was impressed.

my favorite store.

I loved this store.
I could have spent so much money.
I wanted so many things.
All the little signs, and words, and flowers, and bugs.
I only bought 3 things.
But she gave me 2 things free!
Gotta love people like that!

(click on the pictures to make them big... how cute are all these little signs and plaques?)

(do you see the button picture?)

I wanted one of these really bad.
They're made out of that corrugated metal.
I didn't get a giant flower, but I did get a red heart.

Loved so much stuff!


Everything was so cute, and clean, and charming.
So many little cottages and neat little shops.

This is in Bartlesville, Oklahoma...
I had never seen red street signs before.
I loved them!

where we went.

Thorncrown Chapel... in the middle of the woods... made completely of glass and wood. No steel.

Thorncrown Worship Center

DinoStore (Corey went here while I was at the spa... with my therapist, Frank. Luckily Corey had already left before Frank came out.)

Hiking (can you guess which one of these trees Corey peed behind?)

Pivot Rock

Natural Bridge

How could I not go into this store?

Beaver Lake

(There was couple at our B&B that had gotten married there the on Thursday. He came to breakfast Friday morning wearing jeans tucked into his boots and a t-shirt with a picture of a beaver on it saying "Dam it." Doesn't every bride dream about her new husband wearing something like that on their honeymoon?)