Sunday, June 22, 2008

where we went.

Thorncrown Chapel... in the middle of the woods... made completely of glass and wood. No steel.

Thorncrown Worship Center

DinoStore (Corey went here while I was at the spa... with my therapist, Frank. Luckily Corey had already left before Frank came out.)

Hiking (can you guess which one of these trees Corey peed behind?)

Pivot Rock

Natural Bridge

How could I not go into this store?

Beaver Lake

(There was couple at our B&B that had gotten married there the on Thursday. He came to breakfast Friday morning wearing jeans tucked into his boots and a t-shirt with a picture of a beaver on it saying "Dam it." Doesn't every bride dream about her new husband wearing something like that on their honeymoon?)

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Eric and Pam said...

welcome back!

(the honeymoon husband made me laugh out loud!) ;-)