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Friday, August 22, 2014

first day of preschool.

Wednesday was my last "first day of preschool." Gretchen had been so excited, but I was a little nervous about it all. None of my kids have been out-going, social little people at this age... but she's probably the worst. There are people that we've known for a LONG time that have never heard this little girls voice. Shy is an understatement. 
{Looking at this picture at school *may* have made me teary that morning. Just maybe.}

I took the afternoon off so that I could take her. (And Corey took a late lunch so he could meet us, too!) There were definitely some nerves... 

She did so good. So, so good. I stayed for a few minutes and gave her a little countdown... "Momma's going to stay for 2 more minutes." Then 1 more minute. Then I got a big hug and a kiss on the cheek (NOT on the lips... that's been her thing for awhile now. No kissing on the lips. "Germs. Eww.") =) 

We even took a quick picture. No tears from either one of us. =) Love, love, love this little girl.

I snuck a few pictures when I went to pick her up... 

Starting Monday, she'll ride to preschool with Kail, her buddy from daycare. Kail's Grandma Gayle is going to take them and pick them up. (We have always been so lucky and blessed by others willing to help with preschool transportation. So thankful!)

We stopped to see Daddy at work afterwards...

She was so excited about her folder and her homework. (A picture collage of what she did this summer.)

Anxious to see the changes in this little miss as she completes her first (and only) year of preschool.
Hoping more than anything that others will start to hear this sweet little voice. =)

Just for fun...

Thursday, August 14, 2014

first day.

Sleepy eyes... 

 Her first year not coming to school with me! Big changes for this girl! 

Do I look tired? Because I was. And am. (And I cannot figure out why my picture isn't rotating and I'm too tired to keep trying.) So you get a crooked picture of me at the end of my first day of school. (I promise I looked a little better in the morning!)

Our school theme this year is "Reading is Radical!" We were all decked out in tie dye, peace signs and groovy gear this morning. It's going to be fun! 
And... I happen to think that 13 kids is pretty radical! 13!! 
My smallest group ever! =)

classroom. {year 16}

 {So apparently I start back to school in just 13 days. Probably ought to start doing some work in here. #instagram}

 {I don't even know where to start.   #instagram}

{Yeah... school starts in 40 hours.    #lastminutegirl}


 {What a difference a day makes. 26 hours to spare.    #lastminutegirl}

 Cubbies were just built/installed this summer. LOVE them! 

I made these paper mache daisies in college during Art for the Elementary Teacher. They make me smile. 
For16 years they've been in my classroom somewhere. 

{Ready for the controlled chaos called 1st grade.    #wallsareblankonpurpose}

 Um... yeah. This is 1st grade.