Tuesday, August 5, 2014

kiddie park.

The kids had been counting down for our annual trip to my aunt and uncle's in Oklahoma! 
Sophie and Lawson are getting too big for most of the rides at Kiddie Park, but they were still excited. 

The Turtles were one of Gretchen's favorite rides! 

Sophie and Lawson need to work on their picture posing skills a bit... 

Blurry picture, but I love her little hands thrown in the air! 

I lost track of how many times these two rode the roller coaster. The front seat was their favorite! 

Everyone who thinks this little miss is all quiet and calm? Not always! =)

I love the relationship that my kids have with their great aunt and uncle! We are all so blessed by them! 

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Toni :O) said...

So many cute photos! I cracked up about Sophie and Lawson needing posing skills-haha that one was great. Family time sure is a blessing.