Wednesday, July 30, 2014

cowboys stadium.

Corey's always been a Dallas Cowboys fan. Always. 
It was even in our wedding vows. (for me.) "I promise to always cheer for the Cowboys and the Broncos." 
So he was pretty excited when he and Roger were able to make a quick visit to the stadium while I did a Norwex party for Suzan and her friends. 

I'm sure these pictures are all out of order and I can't tell you what anything is. (Maybe I'll go back and add some details once he gets home. Trying to use this rainy, lazy day to get caught up on life!) 

 I actually surprised Corey with tickets to a Cowboys game for his birthday our 2nd year of marriage. But that was in the old stadium. This was his first visit to the new one.

Pretty sure this is Ranger stadium... 

He was a pretty happy guy. =)

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