Friday, July 18, 2014

catch up.

There's some major catch-up that needs to happen over here.
Lots that been going on... but little time to blog.
I've been a little crazy/overwhelmed/stressed and feel like I'm running in 4 different directions all at once.
And my house looks like I've been running in 4 different directions.

My Norwex business has really taken off and I've been doing parties like crazy!
(Like 9 parties in 16 days kind of crazy!)
You can check it out here, if you're interested:
It's something so different than what I normally do (grown ups... not little people!) and I'm really enjoying it.
But it's also making me a tiny bit crazy at times. (Although I think I'm always a tiny bit crazy, regardless.)

I left a complete stranger alone in my house today.
Who gets a hole in the bathtub of the house they've lived in less than a year? Yeah... that'd be us.
Jeff seemed like a nice guy. He reminded me of Mr. Holland, in "Mr. Holland's Opus."
And he promised me that he wouldn't rob us.
He didn't. Whew.

Lots of pictures to come.
Lots of things to talk about and remember.
Lots of catching up to do.

Hoping it can happen soon!

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