Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Trying to get some trees growing on this barren landscape of ours out here... 

Should be beautiful in 10-15 years. =)

Monday, June 29, 2015

still more cousins.

 World's Best Grandparents

Always a fun time.
Always lots of memories made.
Always a few tears when they say goodbye.

grandma time.

Tea party... 


 {Peacocks at the Eiffel Tower}

tractor rides.

Uncle Casey was a good sport. (Considering these nieces and nephews aren't his...)

 Although he *did* remind me that he's not a carnival ride. =)

This little miss may have gotten a bit hysterical when Uncle Casey drove off without her.
And she may have tried to dive into his arms when he got down out of the tractor. (My sister obviously raises kids a little more outgoing than mine!) Uncle Corey made her happy. =)

more cousins.

{Searching for 4 leaf clovers}

 {All kinds of good luck should be headed my way!}

 {They made me cupcakes today!}

I love our big, open kitchen everyday. Days like this I love it even more...

It was too windy for a fire pit, but we figured out a way to still make S'mores happen! =)

 (The brick patio is a work in progress. Someday...)