Thursday, June 11, 2015

april/may random.

So far this summer my focus is on catching up on life. Lots of things in life. 
Including blogging. 

{Harrison Street girls... together again. Only missing one.}  
Such fantastic former neighbors. 

 {Harrison Street guys}

{My protector. (The one with the gun, not the one wrapped in a blanket.)} 

 {We are now skunk free. #skunksarenasty}

 {Her favorite shoes for playing outside lately. You know... perfect farm boots.}

 Norwex love. Child labor. They go perfect together.

 {Dodgeball tournament.}

 {Storm rolling in.}
#farmlife #notornadosirensinthecountry

{Someone got stuck out in the rain. And wasn't too happy about it. #smidget}

 {Polka dot leprechaun (shamrock) cookies for preschool tomorrow. You know... because it's April 28. But it made her happy. And sometimes it feels good just to say yes.}

Loved seeing this sweet little sight when I would go pick Gretchen up from daycare.
We were so blessed by Katie and how well she loved our Gretchie.
(She may have cried on Gretchen's last day. Made this momma heart smile.)

{4th and 5th grade wax museum. Meriwether Lewis was the best. Just happy we talked him out of bringing the giant dog.}

Days like this I love that I teach at the same school my kids go to. =)

{Doesn't everyone practice pitching indoors?}
#rainyday #itsafoamball

{"Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel" with Elsa and Smidget.}

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