Monday, December 31, 2012

pajama breakfast.

This might be my new favorite tradition... a pajama breakfast with friends. (This year we just did friends who are neighbors. Next year, I think we'll invite more!)  

Once you pet Marley, she will not leave your side. She'll shove that head up under your hand and force you to pet her.

Babycakes with whipped cream for the kids... sausage/egg muffins... cinnamon rolls... fruit... coffee, hot chocolate and Capri Suns...

So thankful for this girl... and her husband... and her family. We love them.... and LOVE having them as neighbors!

gingerbread barn.

Someone *might* have had a bit too much sugar...   {I want PIE!!}

airplane ride.

My parents gave the kids one of their coolest {early} Christmas presents this year... 

Neither of them had ever ridden in an airplane before, so they were pretty pumped. {and a bit nervous!}

The original plan was for Daddy to go with them, but he was a big chicken {and kept saying that we were all going to crash and die (he would say this just to me, not the kids)... he and Gretchie would live alone on the farm... he would say his goodbyes before we left... all super helpful things.} Obviously, Mommy went instead... 

We tried to get one of the kids to sit up front, but they wouldn't go for it. The pilot even tried to bribe them by saying he would let them fly. They still wouldn't do it, though. They huddled together in the back, holding hands, and holding my hand during take off.

All of my pictures turned out crazy and blurry. We were up 1000 feet and going 120 mph. I'm sure I could have used better camera settings, but you can kind of get the idea...

He even flew us to the little town where our school is. They had a huge display right on the edge of town and both kids could spot the school. {Mommy was feeling a tiny bit queasy from all the "rock and roll" moves he kept doing. The kids loved it, but it wasn't my favorite. That whole "roller coaster/stomach in your throat" feeling. I may have passed on the cupcakes and snacks when we got home, too.}

The kids LOVED it, though!! Their favorite part was when he did the rock and roll moves. (Side to side and up and down. Ugh.) Our flight lasted about 20 minutes. They loved every minute. He was so good about explaining things and telling us details about the airport lights, etc. Definitely happy memories!

Jim even humored us all with a picture when we got back...

Such a fun memory!
Thanks, Grandma and Grandpa! =)

Sunday, December 30, 2012

jones christmas.

My mother-in-law made these cool Kleenex holders for the kids! Aren't they cool?!

The kids found out awhile back that Uncle Casey was voted Prom King in high school. Sophie now has a whole different view of Uncle Casey. =) They talked him into getting out his crown to show them...

Sophie kept asking Uncle Casey which Barbie outfits he liked best and why. Over and over and over. =)

This is totally Casey...

Fun times.
Fabulous gifts.
Fantastic memories.