Sunday, December 23, 2012

mini-van express.

Last Friday we watched "The Polar Express" for our family movie night. After the movie, I gave each of the kids a golden ticket (found here... thank you, Pinterest!) We loaded them up with hot chocolate and popcorn and headed out to find some fun Christmas lights! 

Lawson was a bit excited...

This was as close as we could find to the "crazy house" we always visited every year. Not nearly as crazy as the other one, but still fun.

Someone please tell me where the giant JOY letters came from?! I keep seeing them everywhere!

This deer was cool, but a bit freaky. I keep forgetting to drive by it during the day...

This house has been decorated like this for as long as I can remember. Do you see Santa up in the window?

Lots of fun and Gretchie is still carrying her ticket around with her at times. The big kids were disappointed in my ticket punching skills, though. In the movie, the conductor types letters/meaningful words into their tickets before and after the ride. I think my kids were expecting/hoping for that. I attempted the first letters in their names... that's about all I could do.

Anyone have clever ideas on how to punch neat things in tickets for next year?

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Danielle said...

You're the coolest and most creative mommy I know {{sigh}}.