Thursday, December 20, 2012

more snow day.

These little yarn trees were $3 each at a local craft fair. I love them. The kids each have one for their rooms, too. (Gretchie had been saying we needed a purple Christmas tree, so when I saw a cute purple one, I had to get it!) 

Part of my Christmas gift to my students. They keep them at school for those cold recess days.

Filled out paperwork for a $10 rebate. $99 Instyler (which is totally worth the money. I cannot imagine doing my hair without it.) I cashed in 60 of our Discover card points and they sent me $75 in gift cards. ($25 for 20 points) My 20% off coupon saved me $20 and my grand total came to $10 out of pocket. The $10 rebate was an unexpected bonus! So the $99 item was basically free. Awesome.

Supermom. I was signed up for treats for the Christmas party in Lawson's classroom. He suggested these and I was more than happy to agree. Thank you, kid, for giving this momma one less thing to do!

We will not be having a flat surface stove in the farmhouse. See that top right burner? I dropped something on it a few days after we moved in here. The cracks went in 3 different directions. So not awesome. Apparently we are hard on stoves.

The other part of my gift to my students...

Snowman pops! Just because they're cute. (I'm not sure why I took the picture upside down?? It looked funny when I rotated it, so just turn your head, I guess.)

Decorated 25 of the little gingerbread men I baked last night. I always decorate them with my students, but since we are cramming 2 days worth of activities into 1 day tomorrow... I figured I better decorate them ahead of time. We will just "find them" and then eat them!

So much stuff to take to school tomorrow. This is 1 of 3 bags... plus the 2 boxes of cookies... and a cream puff dessert for our staff potluck.

There was also supper with mom and dad... a caroling trip to the nursing home (which no one else showed up for... so we left)... a trip to visit great grandma (who was in bed at 6:15 pm)... and a super fun grandpa taking the big kids sledding. I was at home enjoying a 3 hour Gretchie nap!

Last day tomorrow. Whew. It's going to be a bit crazy, I'm sure.
But... it's another pajama day!! My favorite! (We're watching "Polar Express" with our 5th grade book buddies).
I'm sure it's going to be a day full of craziness and basically running crowd control.
Which is always a good time. =)


Melissa Jensen said...

Have not told you lately, even though I read your blog and think it all the time, that YOU ARE SO AWESOME!!! You may think you are a "mess" some days but I love to read about your life. I think you are a great mother and wife who makes a good balance b/w it all.

Have not talked to you in awhile, my headaches keep me from technology, but I sure like keeping up with you.

p.s GREAT teacher/kid gift!! Love it!

Amy said...

Melissa... I think you're pretty awesome yourself. :) Thank you for your SUPER SWEET comment. Absolutely made my day. So sorry you're still battling the headaches. Hang in there, sweet friend!!