Wednesday, December 31, 2014

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jones christmas.

 Why, yes... that is NKOTB on TV. Someone might be a big fan. 
(And no... that someone is not me.) =) 

No good pictures of Gretchen opening gifts, because she was sitting this close to me. She opened one of my gifts by mistake. I was a little concerned that Aunt Heather and Uncle Brian got her the movie, "The Proposal." =)

A favorite gift... (We both have polka dot boots now!)

Lawson couldn't wait to try out his new Nerf gun. Pretty sure he and Uncle Brian were searching for the bullets.

2015 Guiness Book of World Records...

Sweet, sweet girl...

Wine from the Jesus cups. It's a Jones family Christmas tradition. =) 

Friday, December 26, 2014

christmas day.


Passing out their gifts first. They had each made or bought gifts for each other and for Corey and I.

They were both so sweet about the pictures that Gretchen made them. She drew special pictures for everyone and made some little crafts out of paper, ribbon and popsicle sticks. She was very proud. =)

This was Sophie's reaction to one of the books you got her, Aunt Kristin. =)

They both got 3-4 books. And were so excited about them. I love that. =)

Gretchen opened an envelope that said to go look in the craft room. Yes... the Barbie house is bigger than she is. =)
 {And... you're getting a look at the room we shut the door to when people come over. No judgment.} 

Sophie and Lawson each got an iPod Touch this year. I didn't get an good pictures of them opening them, because Lawson rushed at me and was hugging me like crazy. They were both really surprised. And REALLY happy!

The kids each got 3 gifts and then maybe 5 for the three of them together. They were all super happy with their gifts this year. And grateful. I love that.

Birthday cinnamon rolls for Baby Jesus!

We let the kids have unlimited iPod time this first day. We pretty much just saw the tops of their heads all day. =)

Gretchen is loving this house! (fyi... it's not the Barbie Dream House that she wanted. This one is by KidCraft and we ordered it from Walmart. About 1/2 the price of the Barbie one and I like it better! It came with 6 or 7 pieces of furniture.)

Sister selfies... 

Grandma and Grandpa came out to celebrate with us once Grandpa was done with surgeries. 

Mom was tired of wrapping by the time she got to my gifts. =)

Roller blades! (The kid's pretty good, too!)

Frozen soundtrack! She can sing along to almost every song. It's pretty sweet, actually. (And I can probably sing along to just as many as she can.) =)

Sophie finally got the bedspread she's been wanting! 

Lawson got one, too! Just a little less ruffly. =)

I made a white bean chicken chili... and we basically just snacked and grazed all day. Super healthy. 

Smidget found a new lap. =)

Such a relaxing, happy day.
Love the time spent with family.
Looking forward to the Jones Christmas tomorrow! =)