Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Mommy and Daddy at the beach (by Lawson)

Sophie (by Lawson) (apparently he doesn't think any of us are very happy!)

Mommy (by Sophie)

Monday, July 27, 2009

28 weeks.

I've reached numbers on the scale that I never thought I would see.
I've learned that it is possible for maternity clothes to not fit.
I've given my husband the lecture on thinking before speaking.
I'm wishing that I hadn't picked up Lawson's little tape measurer and wrapped it around my belly... just for fun.
I really could have gone without knowing that I am exactly 4 feet around.

I feel good... just big.
I don't remember rolling over being so difficult.
I don't remember having this much trouble sleeping until later on.
I don't remember being this uncomfortable.

And I still have 12 weeks left.

Friday, July 24, 2009


The Kiddie Park is in Bartlesville, Oklahoma.
It took us less than 3 hours to drive there.
We both said it would be a perfect little vacation for many of our friends.
The park is only open in the evenings, though.
I would recommend going on a weeknight if you can.
Friday night was a lot more crowded = more waiting in lines.

Drive down, find a hotel with a pool... it would be a perfect little trip!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

kiddie park (day 1)

We took a mini-vacation last week to Oklahoma to visit my very special aunt and uncle.
They have been such a big part of my life as long as I can remember... volleyball tournaments, concerts, special occasions. They made many, many trips to Kansas when I was growing up.
Now my kids love them just as much as I do!

They wanted to take us to the Kiddie Park in their town.
The kids had so much fun!
All the rides are just their size (Sophie was even too tall for a couple of them) and they only cost a quarter.

Lawson was a little nervous at first, since Uncle Pete kept telling him there was a hole in the bottom of the boat! :)

In line for the roller coaster. I wasn't too sure about sending the kids alone on this. I thought Corey should go in case Lawson got scared.

I was right. It took about 10 seconds to go from this...

to this... (and the people operating the ride didn't see his face until after he was past, so he had to go around twice before they stopped it and he could get off. Poor little guy.)
Sophie loved the roller coaster! When they stopped it to let Lawson off, she looked at me and said, "Do I have to get off?" She went a couple more times with Daddy. (who didn't love it quite as much as she did!)

After the roller coaster, I made Corey go on the turtles with them, to get a little bit of happy back in Lawson.

The smaller, slower rides were more his style.

Both kids loved the pirate ship, but you can tell by Sophie's face it's a little tame for her. I'm not sure when she turned into such an adventerous little thing!

Can you tell Aunt Aletha and my mom are sisters?! (this looks just like my mom!)

Lawson refused to go on the airplanes with Sophie, because she made it fly up too high!

Cotton candy!

Lawson really, really wanted to go on the bumper cars, but Sophie refused to go with him. I was a little nervous about how he would do. It took him awhile to figure it out and he really wasn't too sure what to think when someone drove into the side of him.

I took him on these little cars while Sophie did the roller coaster again. (He's looking at Uncle Pete over the fence!)

Perfect weather.
Perfect evening.
So, so much fun!
Uncle Pete and Aunt Aletha even promised them we could come back the next night!

chuck e. cheese

As if the Kiddie Park wasn't enough, Aunt Aletha and Uncle Pete also wanted to take the kids to another place they had never been... Chuck E. Cheese!

They were both so excited to be there! (Sophie and Lawson... Corey was happy, but not as thrilled as they were!)

Not the best picture, but since I so rarely make it into any...

Lawson wasn't too sure about Chuck E. up close, though...

He was more interested in couting all the coins Aunt Aletha bought for him!

They both loved the air hockey game!

And we quickly found out that neither one of them is very good at skeeball.

Sophie got the bonus spot on this one and ended up getting 41 tickets! (Do you see her jumping up and down?)

All our tickets...

and trying to decide how to spend them!

kiddie park: day 2

They had just as much fun the second day!

We even convinced Sophie to go on the bumper cars with Lawson this time!


Just to prove that these two were thoroughly spoiled even when we weren't out and about...

Our "lunch" before we headed home...

And just for the record, Sophie and Lawson weren't the only ones spoiled.
Aunt Aletha and Uncle Pete took very good care of all four of us!
We had a wonderful time!