Sunday, July 5, 2009

swim lessons.

We tried a new teacher for swim lessons this year.
Oh, my. We were impressed.
The kids loved Mr. Chacour and they both learned so much!

It took Lawson about 10 minutes the first day to actually get in the pool.
He finally believed us that he would be able to touch the bottom.

He got a little braver each day, but never quite got up the nerve for good jumps from the side. (Funny... because he was loving this last summer!)

Lawson wasn't crazy about getting his eyes in the water, either...
He would check with Chacour first to make sure his eyes were closed all the way.

This little girl did AWESOME!
So excited... so confident... so willing to try whatever he asked her to do.

Sophie is so excited about swimming now! I can't wait to get her back in lessons by herself again next summer! (She's already talking about it, too!) Truly some of the best money we've spent this summer. Totally worth every penny.
There was also a fun little reward for doing well at swim lessons. Pictures of that to come soon!

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Aaron and Shannon said...

How much did he cost? I want to put Eli in swim lessons next summer and I want to do private. I don't like the rec center ones!