Thursday, July 9, 2009

i'm trying.

I'm trying hard to update my blog, but it is proving difficult.
Apparently I have exceeded my photo upload quota.
I didn't know that was possible, actually.

I've used up my free 1 GB of space and paid $20 for another 10 GB.
Just waiting on it to go into effect.
Lots of posts... lots of pictures... hopefully coming soon!

(and yes, there will be pictures of a van!) :)


Courtney said...

ok. i wondered what happens when you reach your limit. mine is at like 66% or something...what do you have to do??

Amy said...

Courtney... a message popped up saying that I was full and had a link to Blogger help. I paid $20 to Google to get 10 more GB of space. I'm still waiting on it, though!

k1 said...

Anxious to see your shiny new wheels :)

amy said...

how in the heck do you find out what your limit is?

this is the first i've heard of this... :(

Amy said...

Amy... I don't know how you check where you are at. Maybe just the Blogger Help menu? I would guess you are okay for quite awhile, though. My blog has pictures from June 2007 until now. My blog book for 2007 had 400+ pictures and my 2008 book had 1200+, plus whatever I have from 2009. Maybe I'll need to start a new blog for 2010?

Allen and Debby Graber said...

I didn't know there would be a limit either. So, blogspot isn't always free? You have to pay when you reach your limit?

Amy said...

Debby... I guess so. But like I said, my limit was well over 2000 pictures. I may just finish out this year and then choose a new blog address for 2010. My free storage space would start over again, then.

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

I use photobucket to host all my pictures, rather than blogger.

It's free! You could also use flickr.