Thursday, July 23, 2009

chuck e. cheese

As if the Kiddie Park wasn't enough, Aunt Aletha and Uncle Pete also wanted to take the kids to another place they had never been... Chuck E. Cheese!

They were both so excited to be there! (Sophie and Lawson... Corey was happy, but not as thrilled as they were!)

Not the best picture, but since I so rarely make it into any...

Lawson wasn't too sure about Chuck E. up close, though...

He was more interested in couting all the coins Aunt Aletha bought for him!

They both loved the air hockey game!

And we quickly found out that neither one of them is very good at skeeball.

Sophie got the bonus spot on this one and ended up getting 41 tickets! (Do you see her jumping up and down?)

All our tickets...

and trying to decide how to spend them!

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