Monday, July 20, 2009

bug water.

Sophie came home from VBS last week one day, telling me all about...

these kids far away in another state (Africa) and how they don't have clean water to drink. They have to walk and walk and walk all this way to a river and carry these big yellow buckets. Then, the water that they get to drink is brown and it looks like apple juice, but it's not. It's brown because it has dirt and bugs in it. And if they don't drink any water, they can get sick and die, but if they do drink the water with bugs in it, they can die, too.

She told me about how they needed to bring money for offering at Bible School so that they could send money to those kids to help them get clean water. She didn't quite offer up the money in her piggy bank as willingly as I had hoped... but she did say a very sweet little prayer at supper the other night... praying for all the kids in Africa that have to drink bug water... that they could get clean water soon and not be sick.

She was surprised, too, to hear that Mommy and Daddy send money to kids in Africa every month... so that they don't have to drink bug water. (I'm not sure why we didn't have these discussions with them sooner...)

There was a great article written the other day about the organization we support... charity: water. You can read the article here: Clean, Sexy Water and if you want an easy way for your family to make a difference each month, check out here: Water for Christmas.

If your kiddos went to VBS at Grace... they might be familiar with this. Thanks, Tami, for teaching them about it! :)


Tami said...

I love it when kids *get* it. And, doesn't it seem that it's easier for them to get it?

Thanks for making my day. I love teaching missions. I love showing kids how God can use them here - and what God is doing all over the world to make HIS name famous among all the peoples...

Sophie was an awesome little helper in class. I admit extraordinary bias and pick the same kids often ;-)

Courtney said...

that is so great!!!