Saturday, July 11, 2009

we got it.

Monday was crazy.
We had found a new Odessey (without DVD) at a dealership 30 minutes away.
We found a used one (a 2006, with DVD) at a dealership 3 hours away.
There was no way we could make it to see both of them on the same day.
The sale on the new one ended Monday.
The 06 they had just gotten in on Saturday, and they offered to get it cleaned up, serviced and hold it for us to look at if we could get there that day.

Corey spent time Monday morning on the phone with two different salesmen, and back and forth with me. He came home from work around 9:30 and we started trying to decide which one to go for. It so happened that the kids were both at daycare Monday, and it was the one afternoon that my mom would be able to come pick them up at 4:00. She had two different things scheduled... both of which had been cancelled. (Amazing how God takes care of the details sometimes!)

Thank you for all the advice regarding the DVD player! But, you all were split pretty much 50/50! Not so helpful, after all!

We finally made the decision to go for the used one in Kansas City. It does have the DVD player, but... this wasn't our deciding factor. (The fact that it was significantly cheaper and we could have it paid off 2 years earlier was the deciding factor. The DVD was just a bonus!) :)

We ended up leaving for KC a little before 11:00 am and finally got home (in seperate vehicles... after stopping to pick up the kids) at 11:00 pm. Long, long day.
But it was worth it.

The kids think it is "the best van in the whole world!" (The DVD player and the sunroof are their favorites! They ask if we can get a convertible anytime we see one, so they thought a sunroof was the next best thing!)

I am loving the extra space already. I spent time tonight getting all the little cubbies and storage areas filled with things from the car. (Love, love, love the under seat storage! It's my favorite feature!)

All we need to make it complete now is a third carseat! She will be here before we know it! (101 days according to my little baby countdown!)


k1 said...

Lovely!! Two years earlier is worth it!

Jennifer said...

Don't forget I have a carseat you can use - just two years old.

Courtney said...

you'll LOVE it! :-)