Wednesday, July 1, 2009

miss amy's pool.

Our neighbor, Miss Amy, doesn't just spoil our dog... she spoils our kids.
She offered us their pool while they were out of town for a few days. (and any other time the kids see her and holler, "Can we come swim in your pool?!" We're working on the whole "good manners/not inviting yourself over" concept.) :)

This little miss has done a super job at her swim lessons and has turned into a little fish!

This little chicken finally believed us that he was not going to drown with three different floaties on. Before he just clung to us and wrapped himself around us like a little spider monkey.

He "swims" and we call him "Splashy." :)

Thanks, Miss Amy!


amy d said...

cute pictures!! do i get to come swim in their pool now? :)

Anonymous said...

My daughter is 30 years old this month! I named her
Amy and she has red hair.

Susan in NE OH