Thursday, July 23, 2009


I'm not feeling productive right now.
But I need to be.
Corey declared our house "the messiest it's ever been" last night.
He's probably right.

Part of the problem is my sweet 6 year old who has really gotten into cleaning her room lately.
However, her method of "cleaning" involves shoving all the random things she doesn't want to find a place for into the hallway outside her door. "Look how clean my closet is, Mommy!" There is about 18 inches of "stuff" right outside her door.

Lawson has gotten into "cleaning" his room, too, but he just throws everything in his closet.

Corey "cleaned" his part of our room the other day... cleaned off his nightstand and his basket of "stuff" on our dresser. Unfortunately all the "stuff" that he didn't want is now just sitting on the dresser. All over the dresser.

The downstairs isn't bad... except for the dirt this darn dog keeps tracking in and the huge pile of dirty dishes in the kitchen.

I feel like I am surrounded by piles and clutter. Ugh.
Feeling very little motivation to do anything about it and what motivation I do have is hampered by this ever-growing tummy in front of me. I don't remember simply bending over to pick things up being so hard with the other two?! (Maybe there just wasn't as much stuff to pick up.)

But the kids are at Jessi's today.
I have 6 hours alone. (minus the 30 minutes Corey comes home for lunch)
Going to see how many things I can cross off "my list" today.
It's a pretty long list, and two of the things involve visits to Alltel and the courthouse (tags/taxes for vehicles). Those two things alone can each take an hour. Ugh.

So off to be productive...
but first to find a Diet Dr. Pepper.

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Christina said...

I hope you had a good day! I can relate to that feeling so much. The piles and clutter are like monsters all around me. I waffle between tears and telling myself that everything will eventually be all right! Your later posts (with aunt and uncle) are so sweet. What a special time...I hope that was a good time for refreshing for all of you, and especially YOU, Amy!