Monday, March 29, 2010


Happy Birthday, Lawson!! 

To my favorite 5 year old...
* You are so funny. Really, truly, make people laugh out loud... funny. 
* You have the best smile... sweet, with just a touch of ornery mixed in. 
* You will always have awesome hair. 
* Your favorite color is green. 
* You still mix up blue and yellow. 
* You still use "Rainbow Fish" anytime you make someone say a password. 
* You are an amazing big brother... you adore your baby Gretchie. 
* You love to play outside with Sophie. 
* You can bit a bit of a chicken and you cry too easily sometimes. 
* Daddy and Grandpa are two of your favorite people. 
* You asked me if you got to go to Kindergarten today. 
* You are such a cuddlebug. 
* You always have time for a hug and a kiss for your momma. 
* You are and always will be... my favorite little man. 

Sunday, March 28, 2010

sneak peek.

family party.

Lawson loved his monkey cupcakes! Thanks for the great idea, Holly! (We're taking them to pre-school tomorrow, too! But without google eyes... just frosting for eyes at pre-school.) 

Always so excited to open gifts! Seriously love his enthusiasm! 

He even gets excited about simple presents like this (his gift from Sophie.) He's always wanting to borrow Corey's water bottle to spray his hair. He was thrilled to get his own! 

One of his favorite movies. I think he mainly likes the cows. His favorite part is when they cross the river  and Billy Crystal goes in the water after Norman. We've seen it on TV a couple times and used to have it saved on the DVR. It got erased and he asks me to check every week to see if it's on. (The only problem is that the ones we've seen on TV are edited... little bit of language in the real one. Hmmm... not sure how to handle that just yet.)

He opened this gift last. With his eyes closed. He was so excited! I'm not sure if he knew what it was... or if it was just because it was so big. Another Monster Tetherball! (Marley popped a hole in the one he got for his birthday last year.) 

This turned out to be the favorite gift... 

Long, skinny balloons that you blow up with a pump... then let them go and they fly all crazy around the room! So much fun! My mother-in-law and I actually both bought him one... which works out pretty well because Sophie loves it, too! (Corey... not so much.) 

I can't believe my little man is 5 years old. 5 sounds so big. 4 still sounds little.
But he's not little anymore...

Happy Birthday, Little Man! 

so sweet.

In about 20 minutes, I need to go wake up this little miss so we can take her to party #2 for Lawson. 
Family was last night. 
Friends today. 
Pictures will come. 
Lots of pictures. 

But seriously, isn't this just the sweetest thing... 
Since she learned to roll over, we can't keep her on her back anymore. The first few nights I flipped her over 3 times. She just rolls right back. So I'm trusting that she'll be safe on her tummy. (She usually doesn't have the little giraffe pillow.)  :) 

Saturday, March 27, 2010

elite 8.

Go K-State!!

We didn't get the win we wanted today... but we had fun cheering on our Wildcats! 

Friday, March 26, 2010


We see this sweet face...

Then we start to sing our little "Gretchie-bug" song. 
Instantly... the sweet face changes to this...

Watching her brother sing to her... 

Sunday, March 21, 2010


Lawson's prayer at supper tonight:

"Dear God... thank you for all you give us... pray for Lucille and help her hurtie get better. Amen."

Corey's comment:

"We just prayed for a dead cow."

True story.
(Lucille is was one of my dad's cows. She died a few months ago.)


It's hard to read to someone when they keep trying to eat the book.  :) 

5 months.

Wow! Look at the difference! 
Thanks, Amy D. for telling me how to make my pictures bigger! 
I love it! 

Saturday, March 20, 2010

5 months.

Those fingers are constantly in your mouth!
Always chewing, chewing, chewing on something!

spring break.


Hours spent outside. (and today they played in the snow... crazy weather.)

Lots of reading.

Breakfast at the donut shop.

Gretchie-bug just sat and chewed on her little taggy blankie. So sweet and quiet.

Space Mud.

Painting rocks. (Look... no coats, even. It was gorgeous a couple days ago!)

More pictures to come of all the things Mommy got done over Spring Break!
Such a nice break from school.
I could really use another few days.
Especially since my grades aren't done.

Friday, March 19, 2010


Corey and the kids just drove off.
They're headed to my mom and dad's for the night.
I'm headed to a scrapbooking crop tonight and all day tomorrow.

For 26 hours I will have no children.
I will sleep all night.
I seriously can't remember the last time that happened.
(Although my Gretchie-bug did go from 9 to 3, and then from 3 to 9 last night. Yay Gretchie!)

Love these little people to pieces.
Corey, too.
But seriously looking forward to my time alone.

big girl.

Guess what I can do now?!

Such a big girl!