Wednesday, March 10, 2010

mommy of the year.

So I took Gretchen in today for her 4 month shots.
As we're talking about things, I'm telling the doctor how she has turned into such a mess with her sleeping.
Hmm... probably just a growth spurt or a developmental thing... baby stress.

Few more minutes... continuing to check her out...
Or... it could be this raging ear infection.

Way to go, Mommy.

Later... when the lady at pharmacy gives me Gretchen's prescription, she says,
"I hope your week starts going better."
Wondering... was she just assuming that I'm having a rough week since I'm getting meds for my baby?? Or... do I really look like I've been having a rough week??
I'm hoping that she's just assuming.


Aaron and Shannon said...

Oh no...poor girl. Hope she starts feeling better soon!

Butterball said...

Oh my GOSH, Amy! I didn't even consider an ear infection... too bad you didn't schedule that 4 mo. appt. a week ago. :( Here's to a day starting in a new direction for BOTH your babies!

Mira said...

You are a great mom!!! Especially being by yourself this week.

Hope you enjoy spring break with all your kiddos.