Saturday, December 26, 2015

Friday, December 25, 2015

jones christmas.

2 things I despise... ham and fish.

All for my brother-in-law.

christmas 2015.

Look how little! =)

christmas morning.

Christmas trees for Sophie... Chevron for Lawson... red and white polka dots for Gretchen. Everything else was a for all 3. (I was trying to use up wrapping paper this year!) =)

A box full of clothes from Target. (#teenager) She had texted me a list, complete with pictures. (Thank you, Black Friday 40% off sale!)

MIP robot.

Baby Alive.

Corey's gift from me...

He lost his favorite hat when we were in Hawaii. I got in touch with the wife of Corey's friend who works here and got him hooked up again. (Along with some spares) It was a fun little surprise. =)

Thank you Duracell people, for putting AAA batteries in with your big pack of AA. That could have been really, REALLY bad! (We might have been making a trip to the RV park in search of batteries!)

This little mommy is so, so happy!

Cinnamon rolls and singing "Happy Birthday" to Baby Jesus...

Best gift this year...