Wednesday, July 30, 2014

cowboys stadium.

Corey's always been a Dallas Cowboys fan. Always. 
It was even in our wedding vows. (for me.) "I promise to always cheer for the Cowboys and the Broncos." 
So he was pretty excited when he and Roger were able to make a quick visit to the stadium while I did a Norwex party for Suzan and her friends. 

I'm sure these pictures are all out of order and I can't tell you what anything is. (Maybe I'll go back and add some details once he gets home. Trying to use this rainy, lazy day to get caught up on life!) 

 I actually surprised Corey with tickets to a Cowboys game for his birthday our 2nd year of marriage. But that was in the old stadium. This was his first visit to the new one.

Pretty sure this is Ranger stadium... 

He was a pretty happy guy. =)

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

16 years. {a little trip.}

{Pretend it's mid July. I've been a horrible blogger this summer.}

July 11 we celebrated 16 years together. 
I kind of like this guy. 

We celebrated by making our annual drive to Texas to deliver beef to my sister. (I've gone the last two years with my mom, but this year we decided to turn it into a little anniversary trip! 

Both years when I've been here, I knew Corey would love it. And I was right! (He was won over easy since the opening number was "Folsom Prison," by Johnny Cash!)

Church on Sunday... (the daisy is actually in Corey's hair, not mine.) 

Then we spent the afternoon/evening at the home of our K-State loving, Texas cousins. (And I didn't take a picture. Sad. Just this one when we drove by the next morning to pick up something we forgot.) I did a Norwex party for Suzan and her friends and Corey and Roger went to visit someplace pretty awesome. (Those pictures in another post!)

Quick stop here on our way home... (Corey wasn't impressed.)

Except for the cow skin rugs. He really wanted one of those. Too bad we don't have a place for one. =)

 He was a bigger fan of this place we stopped at somewhere in Texas...

I kind of think we need a giant chicken to stand by the mailbox. 

Although this guy is probably more appropriate... (but not the right colors)

So many happy and colorful and fun things! 

These happy flowers are now living on our deck. =)

Another quick stop, just to walk around a bit...

And finally we saw this sign! (And apparently we *really* need to wash the windshield!) Why is the drive home always longer than the drive to get there?! 

It was a lovely 3 days away. We hadn't realized how long it had been since we actually had time to talk. There are always little ears around and shortly after they go to bed, Corey is asleep on the couch. (We don't do well with early bedtimes in the summer. So spoiled by my late sleepers!) It was so nice to just spend time together and get caught up on life.

But... it's always nice to be home, too. Because as sweet as this is...

This is even sweeter...

Monday, July 21, 2014

blurb love.

You've heard me talk before about how much I love
They have done an amazing job on all of my blog books and I truly did not think I could not be any happier with them. 
But I am. 

One of my books started losing pages. They weren't torn out, just kind of coming loose from the binding. 

I don't know that this book was looked at anymore than the others, but this was my biggest book. I was 6 pages away from the 440 page limit. The following year is when I started splitting them into 2 books: School year and Summer.

This was a pretty special book, though... 

A pretty important year in our family... 

It made me so sad that the pages were falling out. The kids love to look through these books and I hate to discourage them from doing so... but it was making me nervous.

I got back on Blurb just to check out the cost of replacing it. (All of the books I've made are stored on there. I could go back and order more at any time! I love that!) This was my biggest book, though, and the most expensive. To replace it (with tax and shipping) was going to be over $140. Yikes.

So I emailed customer service. Told them the situation. They asked me to send them a couple pictures. In a matter of days, I had this...

A brand new book.
Reprinted and reshipped.
For free.
Ah-mazing customer service!
I thought I couldn't be any happier with them... but I was wrong. So, so happy with this company... their quality... and their awesome customer service. Lifelong customer here.

(And... this is why I'm trying to get caught up on pictures from weeks ago! Love having all these memories recorded in our books! Priceless possessions for our family!)