Tuesday, July 29, 2014

16 years. {a little trip.}

{Pretend it's mid July. I've been a horrible blogger this summer.}

July 11 we celebrated 16 years together. 
I kind of like this guy. 

We celebrated by making our annual drive to Texas to deliver beef to my sister. (I've gone the last two years with my mom, but this year we decided to turn it into a little anniversary trip! 

Both years when I've been here, I knew Corey would love it. And I was right! (He was won over easy since the opening number was "Folsom Prison," by Johnny Cash!)

Church on Sunday... (the daisy is actually in Corey's hair, not mine.) 

Then we spent the afternoon/evening at the home of our K-State loving, Texas cousins. (And I didn't take a picture. Sad. Just this one when we drove by the next morning to pick up something we forgot.) I did a Norwex party for Suzan and her friends and Corey and Roger went to visit someplace pretty awesome. (Those pictures in another post!)

Quick stop here on our way home... (Corey wasn't impressed.)

Except for the cow skin rugs. He really wanted one of those. Too bad we don't have a place for one. =)

 He was a bigger fan of this place we stopped at somewhere in Texas...

I kind of think we need a giant chicken to stand by the mailbox. 

Although this guy is probably more appropriate... (but not the right colors)

So many happy and colorful and fun things! 

These happy flowers are now living on our deck. =)

Another quick stop, just to walk around a bit...

And finally we saw this sign! (And apparently we *really* need to wash the windshield!) Why is the drive home always longer than the drive to get there?! 

It was a lovely 3 days away. We hadn't realized how long it had been since we actually had time to talk. There are always little ears around and shortly after they go to bed, Corey is asleep on the couch. (We don't do well with early bedtimes in the summer. So spoiled by my late sleepers!) It was so nice to just spend time together and get caught up on life.

But... it's always nice to be home, too. Because as sweet as this is...

This is even sweeter...


Danielle H. said...

Well, dang nab it!! You were in my hometown again!! We were out of town this year, though. Next year we must meet for coffee near the Opry! I'll email you all my contact info. Looks like you had a good weekend. Sadly, I'm so close to that ikea & rarely go there. I do go to the mall right by it more than I care to admit! And that was Rangers Stadium which has a long ridiculous new name like Globe Life park!!

Amy said...

Yes, Danielle!! Next year! I'll have to promise my husband that you're not a serial killer, though. ;)

Amy said...

Yikes, Anonymous! I wasn't trying to be nasty! We were driving 75 mph down interstate, I tried to snap a picture, I showed it to Corey and we both just laughed like, "Well, that picture turned out awesome!"

I guess that's the thing about reading stranger's blogs... I would hope that people who know me would know that I would never intentionally say something hurtful about someone.

Danielle H. said...

Amy, ditto about my husband,too! He'd be like, you're meeting a person you MET ON THE INTERNET??? I promise I'm not a serial killer, I'm a board member on my daughter's school's PTA and work for a law firm. We could meet at Ikea! LOL!