Thursday, May 26, 2016


Wednesday, May 25. This was the view from our front porch. Crazy clouds and rain and hail. And reports of it getting much worse and heading our way. 

Our weather radio had been going off all afternoon and evening. We were trying to downplay for the kids and keep them calm, yet frantically trying to get necessities to the basement storage room and text with friends and family. "Mom... why are you bringing all our scrapbooks downstairs?" 

Staying calm got a little harder once I got a text from a co-worker and a picture of her house... 

We lost power and although it was still light outside, it was dark in the basement. So we were letting the kids sit on the stair landing, halfway up and down. Corey and I were going out on the front porch, watching the sky and radar and listening to the weather radio. Sophie went outside and yelled, "I see the tornado!" We rolled our eyes at first and said, "No, you don't..." and then we went to look. Um, yes. Yes, you do. We had Lawson and Gretchen come look so they could say they had seen it and then everyone went downstairs! 

The tornado ended up turning and going south of us by 4 miles. All the years I've spent living in Kansas... this was the first time I had ever been scared during a storm. Definitely too close for comfort. Reports later said that the F4 tornado was on the ground for over an hour and for 26 miles. At some points, the tornado was 1/2 mile wide and winds were up to 180 mph. Amazingly enough, no serious injuries and no fatalities occurred. Over 20 homes were destroyed or severely damaged, including my friends.

The next day...

I worked with a friend in the master closet (which was fairly untouched) sorting clothes and gathering laundry to take home and wash. The Reese's peanut butter cup in Christina's shoe made us laugh.

In awe of my friend today. Her smile, her strength, her positive attitude and ability to see the silver lining in the midst of this tragedy. Christina Stroud... you are amazing. So blessed to all you friend. 

 I *may* have gone a tad overboard with batteries and flashlights at Dollar General the next day. 5 radios in our house and not one with batteries that worked! And only 1/2 our flashlights worked, too! I was telling myself being over prepared was a good thing!

One of the first pictures from someone who got to the Strouds house early Thursday morning... 

Sunday, May 22, 2016

may random.

Super cool doors made for the sheep barn by my super crafty husband... 

4th and 5th grade track meet was on a CHILLY day! Lawson was a high jump rockstar!

I was a little too anxious to get there and watch. (Thank goodness for warnings!)

4x100 relay (which ended up being a 200 meter run for Lawson, since they didn't have a 4th member!) 1st place!

100 meter dash... another 1st place!

4-H calf judging? Maybe? (I don't really remember!)

"It's almost the end of the year" after school selfie! =)

The UPS guy loved me this day!

Kindergarten field trip! (It's good to have inside connections! They send you texts and pictures!) =)

Catapult building (a 7th grade Science project)...

Even my 1st grade phonetic reading skills were tested a little with this one. =) "My favorite about summer is swimming in our stock tank."

I came home one day to see Gretchen running all around the driveway, pushing this box. Then Lawson popped up out of the box! =)

5th grade Science Fair winners!! (and my own favorite for best title!)

Love these sweet feet...

Sophie's 7th grade ceramics Art projects. Seymore (the turtle) is a whistle!

My little outdoor girl...

Time for the summer haircut! #mohawkshelphimpitchbetter

Saturday, May 14, 2016

dance recital.

Sophie and Taylor were only in pointe this year, but they borrowed these outfits from their teacher for the whole group finale. She thought they would look funny in their fluffy ballerina dresses during a hip hop number. And luckily, at dress rehearsal, they started with the finale!

"Ballerina Girl" (Sophie, Sophia, Chloe, Chelsea and Taylor)