Sunday, May 22, 2016

may random.

Super cool doors made for the sheep barn by my super crafty husband... 

4th and 5th grade track meet was on a CHILLY day! Lawson was a high jump rockstar!

I was a little too anxious to get there and watch. (Thank goodness for warnings!)

4x100 relay (which ended up being a 200 meter run for Lawson, since they didn't have a 4th member!) 1st place!

100 meter dash... another 1st place!

4-H calf judging? Maybe? (I don't really remember!)

"It's almost the end of the year" after school selfie! =)

The UPS guy loved me this day!

Kindergarten field trip! (It's good to have inside connections! They send you texts and pictures!) =)

Catapult building (a 7th grade Science project)...

Even my 1st grade phonetic reading skills were tested a little with this one. =) "My favorite about summer is swimming in our stock tank."

I came home one day to see Gretchen running all around the driveway, pushing this box. Then Lawson popped up out of the box! =)

5th grade Science Fair winners!! (and my own favorite for best title!)

Love these sweet feet...

Sophie's 7th grade ceramics Art projects. Seymore (the turtle) is a whistle!

My little outdoor girl...

Time for the summer haircut! #mohawkshelphimpitchbetter

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