Friday, March 29, 2013


Happy Birthday, Lawson! 

* For 8 years... you have been making me smile.
* For 8 years... you have been making me laugh.

* You are such a good big brother. You and Gretchen are pretty tight.
* You're less awesome at being a little brother... you love to annoy your big sister. And you're good at it, too.

* You're loving all this farm stuff. You'll be in heaven once we finally get out there.

* You're still a big fan of cows... although you like them better this size. And behind bars or fences.

* You still turn rather chicken-like when the bigger cows are involved. Especially in Grandpa's jeep without doors. (Although I agree... this can be a bit intimidating.)

* It took you awhile, but you've made some good friends this year. Ornery friends, but good friends. I'm so grateful for that. I'm pretty sure everyone at our new school likes you. Teachers, included. You're just a good kid.

* You and Ezra are still best friends, though. And I'm so happy about that. I hope you always will be. (Even if it means you end up going to KU someday.) =)
Happy 8th birthday to YOU! 
You're my favorite little man! 

Sunday, March 24, 2013

spring break.

 "The Wonder Pets" is her current fave...

Cool color by numbers... {thank you, Pinterest! You can find them here.}

She doesn't follow the numbers, she's just cute...

Baking... {"Why does everyone judge my baking?!" now-famous quote from Sophie}

The mudroom is going to be my favorite room in the farmhouse. I just know it. {but not because of the laundry...}

Library visits with Grandma... {the book says if you're the smartest guy in the class, you'll have no trouble getting girls. Hoping Lawson follows that advice. =) }

Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel game...

So much painting...  {always makes me think of you, Beth! I know it would make you smile!}

My super healthy lunch one day... {that's a mozzarella cheese dip in the bowl and a Dr. Pepper. I obviously didn't start on the whole exercise/eat healthy thing over spring break.}

Playing "new" (borrowed) Wii games... {I love the pop bead bracelet, babe! It goes perfectly with your dressy jeans!} =)

So much play-do...

Using my laminator for the first time! {Just having it makes me happy!} Sophie traced cute little girls on to tracing paper, then taped them to heavier paper. She's thrilled with her little paper dolls.

Building towers...

Olive Garden, Target, and spending the night in a hotel with two of my most favorite friends. We've decided to make it a regular birthday tradition! {We didn't drink any wine... just took a picture.} =)

More shopping the next day... {rainbow flip flops make me happy!}

And, we end spring break with snow. Blah. This was just the start of it outside my school window {I spent 4 hours up there yesterday and could have easily spent 4 more.} We woke up to a couple inches this morning (which is better than the 6-8 inches they predicted!) 

So ready for the 78* weather Mother Nature teased us with last week!
Stupid groundhog.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

it might be time to exercise.

I've been thinking about exercising for awhile now.
I'm awesome at physical fitness. (It's really pathetic how out of shape I am.)
I've only gone as far as thinking about it, though.
But I may have gotten a little more motivation today.

It's sad when your 3 year old tells someone that you have 2 babies in your tummy.
And they aren't fully convinced that she's not telling the truth.

When I told Gretchen that I did not have 2 babies in my tummy, (Can you even imagine? I think I would lose my mind.) she said, "But your tummy is big."

Well, yes. Yes, it is.
I knew that.
I didn't really realize it looked quite big enough for 2 babies, though.

Guess I'll add EXERCISE to my list of things to accomplish over spring break.
Doesn't that sound fun?

I just saw this on Facebook... it seemed appropriate. =) 

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

more sledding.

Someone small missed out on our fun sledding trip at Grandpa's clinic. The big sled and the jeep would have been a bit much for her. She was much happier spending that afternoon with Grandma. But she had been anxious to take her little sled for a ride ever since she saw it that day. 

During the house burning, she finally got her chance...

She wasn't a fan of stopping...

We probably spent 10 or 15 minutes pulling her around.
And it made her so happy.
Sometimes it's just the little things.

Saturday, March 9, 2013


Last weekend, Corey decided to burn the big pile that was Grandpa Jones' house. He was headed out early... 6:30 am early... and Lawson wanted to go with him. We were pretty skeptical, considering I usually have to shake him awake at 7 am each day. He jumped out of bed at 6:15, though, all excited to go with Daddy. 

The girls and I headed out around noon to take them some lunch and their BB guns. Lawson was muddier than I've ever seen him, but he was having a ball. I offered to take him home with us, but he wanted to stay.

You could see the smoke and smell it burning from miles away...

Corey called me around 4:30 and said that Lawson was ready to come home. He was going to be stuck at the farm for awhile, taking care of some new baby calves, so I headed back out to get him. 

My cute red snow boots hadn't been awesome earlier at the farm. They're perfect for snow, but not perfect for mud. And there was so. much. mud. {I may have come home from the farm and started searching online for cute rain/mudboots. These mudboots of Corey's just aren't going to cut it.} 

These momma cows weren't too sure what to think of me... 

This little guy (or girl...) came running when he (or she) saw me by the fence. So cute.

Twins! A boy and a girl. {Did you know that if the twins are a boy and a girl (or a bull and a heifer, if you want to get cattle technical...), the girl is sterile 95% of the time?} There's your hereford trivia for the day. You're welcome. (Makes me sound like I know what I'm talking about, doesn't it?) =) 

The girl was doing much better than the bull for awhile there. They've been bottle feeding him (which is called a bucket calf...) {I wonder why it's a bucket calf and not a bottle calf? Apparently I need to do some studying on my hereford trivia...} They weren't sure he was going to make it for a few days, but Corey says he's doing good now. I'm hoping we can get out to see him sometime soon.

I wandered around the farm for awhile before I found Corey and Casey. Lawson wasn't with them, though. I had walked right past Corey's truck when I got there, but hadn't looked inside. My muddy little farmhand was tuckered out.

God bless the person who invented mudboots.