Saturday, November 30, 2013

wizard of oz.

Last year, Sophie was lucky enough to get to be a part of our high school's production of "Beauty and the Beast." Having some elementary and middle school kiddos involved in the play was such a big hit last year, the director decided to do it again. 

There were over 60 kids that auditioned to be munchkins. I think they chose 16?? We were pretty proud of our girl. =) 

Once again, our high school put on an amazing show! For being such a small school (a 4A school in a 1A town...) it's really impressive. They also showed some actual photographs and video footage from the 2008 tornado that destroyed most of the high school. Several people commented on how emotional it was to see that footage again. 

All my pictures are from dress rehearsal and aren't the best. I was being lazy and choosing to sit further back with a friend, instead of moving closer for better shots. I did move closer for the munchkin scene, though. =) 

Miss Gulch/The Wicked Witch was one of my favorite characters this year. His mom (yep... HIS) works at my school and he did SUCH a great job! 

See the cute munchkin, creeping out from behind the mushroom...

The munchkin scene was by far the most colorful...

It was definitely the happiest scene in the whole play. =)

The Lollypop Guild...

All 4 of these kids did an awesome job!

Sophie also had a couple special visitors Friday night... (Thank you, Danielle and Abi, for making the drive! It meant so much to both of us!)

Thank you, Mrs. E, for the amazing opportunity you gave my girl!
We are thankful for you! =)

Friday, November 29, 2013


So many, many things to be thankful for this year. 
I never try to keep up with the 30 Days of Thankfulness thing on Facebook. 
Honestly, I would have trouble limiting it to just 30 things. 

{This big island was one of the things I was thankful for... perfect for making pies and setting out food!} 

I loved hosting Thanksgiving this year. (I made three side dishes and 2 pies, though. My mom brought the ham and my mother-in-law brought the turkey. I'm not ready for that responsibility yet!) I love having friends and family over. I love that we can all enjoy each other and be together, but not feel like we are on top of each other. I love that our two families can celebrate together.

I was so thankful this little miss perked up and started feeling better. She spent most of the meal snuggled up here, watching "The Lorax."

We had 6 adults... 3 kids... and 5 different kinds of pie. =)

It was a happy and relaxing day. My favorite kind.
Now to finish some of my Black Friday shopping. Online.
The only way I do it. =)

Saturday, November 23, 2013

flag football.

We spent several Tuesday and Thursday evenings here during the month of October... 

Most of the boys on Lawson's team (including Lawson) were playing for the very first time. (and it showed.)

They didn't win many any games, but they all had fun.

The huddle was probably their best move. They were really good at huddling. =)

Lawson always had a good cheering section. (A definite plus to have grandparents so close!)

See? More huddling.

I think they scored one touchdown all season. Maybe two. Those were pretty exciting moments. =)

Lawson's goal for the season (his goal from us) was to pull a flag. Just one. He came close... (he's not our aggressive child. I'm actually not sure we have an aggressive child.)

By the last few games of the season, we were bundled all up in winter clothes and covered in blankets.

Still my favorite play... =)

Lawson even had some Texas cousins to cheer him on for his last game...

Grateful once again to the dad/coach that was willing to step up and coach this group of boys (and one girl) that had never played flag football before. He taught them a lot and made sure they had fun... even when the other team (and referees) were laughing at them. (Yeah... that really happened.)