Sunday, February 27, 2011

gretchen's first sucker.

I think she got her momma's sweet tooth...


Corey was gone last weekend... the weather was beautiful... and everyone was getting a little stir crazy. 
So I loaded up kids, bikes and the stroller and we drove across town to a museum with a fun walking/biking trail. 

See the two little ducks?

Lawson found a few treasures to bring home, including some of those giant bean/seed pod things.

Lots of energy was burned! (Which may have been mommy's whole reason for taking them there...)

We had made two laps around the trail and the kids wanted to go for a third. I was too tired. (I am in amazing shape, let me tell you.) So I told them they could play in the creek for awhile. (I had planned ahead and had them wear their rainboots, just in case.)

Someone really wanted to get out of her stroller and join them...

but I managed to bribe her with a princess sippy cup and some juice.

A friend came running by (darn friends who actually exercise...) and thought I was doing a little photo shoot with them. Yes... because we clearly wore our best clothes for this little adventure... 

Not dressed for a photo shoot, but still super cute...

This little miss is pretty cute, too.

I put on Facebook later that day "I let the kids play in a creek today (the big ones, anyway) and felt like a good mommy." They both said it was one of the best days ever. Sometimes it's so easy to make them happy. I need to try for more "best days ever."

Friday, February 25, 2011


Funny... I was just browsing through old blog posts and came across this one.
Corey looks so different to me in this picture. 
I haven't seen his whole face in a couple months. :)

scrap stuff.

A sweet friend of mine is getting out of scrapbooking. Paper scrapbooking, anyway. 
She's wanting to go digital and wanted to clear out some room. 
So she let me come shopping... 

I had forgotten just how much stuff I got from her... (and how much I love it all)... until I started organizing the other day!

Now I'm just itching to get up to the loft and get some scrapbooking done! I have several projects in mind to start and/or finish. Just need to find the time! (and/or energy)

And look how happy this little corner is...

My sweet neighbor, Amy D., made this cute little sign for me. I love it!!

So thankful for sweet friends who know what will make me happy!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

bill black's farm.

Sheep, baby sheep, cows, horses... perfect family night arranged by my farm boy husband... 

Fuzzy picture, but this was the tiniest baby sheep! So, so cute!

Lawson was really impressed by this cow's long tongue... 

Check out those slobbery gloves... 

Taking pictures with my cell phone... 

Kansas sunset...