Friday, February 25, 2011

scrap stuff.

A sweet friend of mine is getting out of scrapbooking. Paper scrapbooking, anyway. 
She's wanting to go digital and wanted to clear out some room. 
So she let me come shopping... 

I had forgotten just how much stuff I got from her... (and how much I love it all)... until I started organizing the other day!

Now I'm just itching to get up to the loft and get some scrapbooking done! I have several projects in mind to start and/or finish. Just need to find the time! (and/or energy)

And look how happy this little corner is...

My sweet neighbor, Amy D., made this cute little sign for me. I love it!!

So thankful for sweet friends who know what will make me happy!


Danielle said...

It was totally the sign that caught my eye in that pic. SOOOO cute!

Toni :O) said...

I'm with you...need to have the energy to keep up with my scrapbrooking. I have yet to finish my daughter's and I'm about four years behind. I'm hoping to get inspired soon so I can have it finished for her First Communion in May. I also need to finish my digital many projects, so little time! Oh, and I LOVED the reading pic. I truly hope the digital age doesn't wipe out real books...we gotta have those!

Frau said...

You knew I would comment about loving the yellow flowers, right? hehe!